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  1. A good DJ will give you the best set you've ever heard, a pro DJ will give you the best set you've never heard. It all comes down to track selection. Dig deep for those great tracks and differentiate yourself from that Top 40 and Beatport Top 100 stuff everybody hears over and over. Mixing in key works well in the majority of cases but there will always be exceptions. Use your ears!

  2. How about free style.djng no safety net no plan no play list no prep …that's what real DJs can do..because the avreg person has no idea..if you in key or not or in time..unless the room is full of DJs..creativity is a lost form script. Real live mixing of the cuff on the fly..that takes skills

  3. Jonathan, can you please show us what it sounds like when a to mix is not in key? Can't seem to imagine. Help much appreciated. Thanks 🙂 Demo with examples, friend.

  4. I just want to throw it out there. A prime example of not mixing in Key is Laidback Luke, he believes more so in Energy/Vibe rather than key. What are your thoughts on the whole thing? I would like to know 🙂 Love your work, keep it up.

  5. For me having the trackselection on point and having a sense for energy is way more important. Sure you can mix 2 tracks that are musically compatible. but if those tracks are rubbish or at a wrong energy level or style, it's no good!

  6. Funny how most people don't get it. A DJ mixes music, each track gives off a vibration based on it's key… If you mix vibrations that do not match the listner will notice this and the whole vibe in the room will change. MIXING IN KEY IS A MUST DO!

  7. Priorities for me 1) tunes absolutely have to be in phrase. 2) tunes have to be in beat, they can slip slightly in the mix as long as I correct them before it's noticeable. 3) key? Hmm if they sound well together great, if they don't hoy another tune on and cue it up. I learned on vinyl when nobody had a clue what key was.

    Tbh though I've never earned a bean from dj'ing so I'll concede there's every chance you're correct Johnathan.

  8. Sorry but i can't agree with you in the point of mixing in key.
    If you are a radio DJ this might be the best way to perform, but on the dancefloor it's possibly the worst thing you can do. Seemless mixing sounds quite boring here, cause if you really wanna dance to it, you need the energy that comes from mixing with the different elements.
    I guess Laidback Luke is probably the best example for not mixing in key and his sets are full of energy!

  9. Hey ellaskins happy to see you again bro, you was my hero 8 years ago i learn a lot about djing from your videos, i work 6 years as dj in clubs and now i have my own nightclub, thnx for all and sorry for bad english :))

  10. Mixing in key is more important towards the housey/trancey part of EDM. You can mix bigroom, hardhouse etc just fine ignoring the key completely, often you have the same synth in the drop but the key on one track might be d, whilst the other is Gm. But since you dont mix melodies, it doesn't matter.

    I do think that in phrase is a 100% must for any genre.

  11. Sounds just fine when I'm playing songs when they are not in key. I never play music in an international key order. Agree to the other 2 points.

    The playing in key part really depends on the song and genre imo.

    Other then that you've been doing a fantastic job with your videos 🙂

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