Top 5 Flagship 4-Channel DJ Controllers (2017-2018 Version)-

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  1. There are other software options for a lot of these controllers, Virtualdj works with most of them out of the box

  2. Good List but honestly, the MC-7000 should be in the spot where the MCX-8000 was. The 8000 is a great unit, but in terms of legacy, the 7000 will come out as the better device. Too bad the MC-7000 is not their flagship device.

  3. only reason why i want the roland controller, is so that i can do those on-the-spot snare rolls
    its like having a pair of drums right next to ur system which is what i always wanted

  4. can't look at anything except that Maschine on the shelf behind him, looks like its about to fall off on his head any second..

  5. Roland's DJ 808 maybe the best controller of 2017, that drum machine is one of its kind and makes the difference between the competitors. The only bad thing is not standalone like the Denon, but the rest is just a massive 9.5/10

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