Top 5 Flagship 4-Channel DJ Controllers (2017-2018 Version)-

Top 5 Flagship 4-Channel DJ Controllers (2017-2018 Version)

Top 5 Flagship 4-Channel DJ Controllers (2017-2018 Version)is a tutorial video to help as you learn to DJ. With ebooks, standard tutorials, technical movies, articles and likewise 1 on 1 classes for individuals residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Top 5 Flagship 4-Channel DJ Controllers (2017-2018 Version)

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We have been reviewing DJ controllers for years now. Throughout that point, we have come to be taught what makes an excellent DJ controller, and the producers have additionally settled into a regular of what a flagship DJ controller ought to have. With this in thoughts, we created a brand new top-5 checklist. This time we’re trying on the Top 5 Flagship 4-channel DJ controllers. These controllers aren’t in any order however all of them have a lot of strengths that permit all of them to be one of the best of one of the best. Take a look at the complete video beneath, then see our abstract breakdown of what stands out about that specific system. You may as well see our evaluation movies of every controller so you may see all of the options and capabilities that aren’t listed right here.

Numark NS7III Evaluation:
Pioneer DDJ-SZ/DDJ-RZ/DDJ-RZX Movies:
Denon MCX8000 Evaluation:
Roland DJ-808 Evaluation:
NI Traktor Kontrol S8 Evaluation:

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Top 5 Flagship 4-Channel DJ Controllers (2017-2018 Version)

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  1. Good List but honestly, the MC-7000 should be in the spot where the MCX-8000 was. The 8000 is a great unit, but in terms of legacy, the 7000 will come out as the better device. Too bad the MC-7000 is not their flagship device.

  2. Roland's DJ 808 maybe the best controller of 2017, that drum machine is one of its kind and makes the difference between the competitors. The only bad thing is not standalone like the Denon, but the rest is just a massive 9.5/10

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