Traktor Pro 2 Sync Modes Tutorial: Beat Sync vs Tempo Sync-

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  1. Is it possible to use the SmartSync Function in tractor? While using Serato it is possible to split the BPM of a song …

    for instance: Track 1 (Master) 150 BPM –> I decide to Sync Track B (80BPM)
    instead of filling up the missing 70 Bpm to 150 Bpm it automatically goes for 75 Bpm, which is actually the half.
    Unfortunately, I was not able to find any similar option in tractor.
    Greetings KoreanAir

  2. Sync start of tracks works good with electro house beats but not with RNB cos I have many times delayed start with this genre.

  3. You can now press one button and it beat matches your selected tracks?

    Blimey, the end of the DJ is nigh 😳

    Whatever next??

  4. what people dont understand is this technology is there to AID what you already know as a Dj before you even turn on your computer. Use your instincts and dont be afraid to use the technology to AID you. dont be those ignorant DJ's who say they keep it real but still use a laptop. 

  5. Yes, tempo sync is what you'd probably want to use. It should also work with remix decks, though I haven't tried it myself.

  6. Im a vinyl guy, and i think look at this id prefer tempo sync but without actually using the sync button so i can start and stop myself and make corrections using the phase meter. Have I got that right?

    Also, im wondering about using the loops and sample decks, if your in tempo sync can you keep those in time as you would a normal track?

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