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  1. thanks well I kinda meant that but thanks a lot. I wanted to do that for so long and thanks for taking the time to replay me, appreciate it.

  2. Hello,
    No, you misunderstood me. It is not possible to cut the voice off the beat. If you just have the voice you can place it on other beats, that yould be possible.

    Best regards,

    Oliver | MAGIX

  3. Actually I like this new stuff but when I mixed music at clubs wih wax, I did ALL the work and I created all the mixes in my head. I did it using my imagination and by knowing all the music I had available in my collection of records. I really enjoyed doing the work and it showed by the way the people had so much fun on the dance floor.

  4. @ilovejj125 Hello, the easiest way to import your music from iTunes is to 1. Export your iTunes playlist (as an .xml) and 2. Import the .xml (.txt work as well) in Digital DJ using the "Load Playlist" button in the center of the software. For single song import the following file formats are being supported: .wav, .ogg and .mp3.

    Best regards,

    Andreas | MAGIX

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