Twiddle Scratch Tutorial lesson-

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  1. actually, twiddles and crabs are defined by their finger movement….they can be transformers or clicks; especially when you switch over the hamster style

  2. It's hard as hell to scracth right handed and cut fader left handed. I've been doing it the other way for the past 10 years and started learning to scratch on my right deck this summer. It was really akward at first but after a few months of practice i got my left hand to be able to cut a lot faster and my right hand got better on record control. It still feels akward because there not as much room on the right side and there's more elbow room on the left side.

  3. @Toremanntor Its amazing how angelo teaches though, isnt it !? His teaching reminds me of an old jiu jitsu quite that goes like "to teach those who dont know, to correct those who think they know and to remind those who do know"

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