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  1. Not ashamed to admit it – I've too often tried to compete with the music, yelling into the mic, making it difficult for the crowd to understand. This is great advice that I'm going to put to good use at my gigs this weekend. Mic skills are often neglected by many DJs, myself included, but they are essential to becoming a well-rounded DJ… Thanks for breaking it down and helping a fellow DJ across the pond.

  2. Hi Jon, i think you should do a vid telling people where to get their faulty equipment repaired. most people dont know that cdrs wear out cd player lasers.. and that they can get the lasers replaced if they send them to the maker (this usualy happens waay after the warranty). for some reason it just took longer to read my cds.. 2day it took 30mins befor i cud play something.. n it was skipping, id do 1 but not many would view it n i aint as good at explaining things by voice lol

  3. Neat acid track there and good video. 🙂
    For any laptop djs out there I'd consider sidechain filtering to automatically duck the music whenever you start talking.

  4. you should apologize in every f'n vid you talked BS* on. that was a really bad move, just to put yourself in the pic??? not even wothy to shame on you.

  5. yes man he's trying to help all the new Dj's and even old that accept help. If you know so much that you can't get a counsel than get out of this world and leave the people who can learn from him and want to.
    Jonathan you rock!! thanks for your help, something that not everyone wants to share…

  6. The times over the past 15 years when i have been to Clubs and its just too loud i can count on Many hands ! , Love real soul Jazz & 70's 80's Disco played through a good Hi – Fi in a night club, this rarely takes place in the is 21 st century also the times you cannot rognise the Dj over the mike let alone hear the music, its time Clubs colaborated with the Hi-Fi people, ie you & me to get the equipment set up correctly ! Lyndon Bolshaw BENH (hons ) Electronics Engineering

  7. Hi, the technics i had where over 10yrs old, still in good order , but i wanted to get new gear. I will buy technics again soon.

  8. Is it possible that you change your equip every month?

    On your previous videos were technics and the citronic mixer. then there were technics and this vestax (?) and now you got vestax decks.. 😀
    is there any sense in replacing your technics?

    sorry for bad english by the way

  9. I have not got the foggiest, i bought this yrs ago as a white lable, the only thing on it is a F .
    I honestly can't help any more, sorry

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