Utilizing the ‘Silent Cue Level Begin’ Method in Serato DJ- djBJoRN.com

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  1. Nice. I was just clicking at the end of the track and then bring the crossfader over at the same time as pressing the cue point. Didn't bother to set a cue point. Good idea using the "play from 1st cue point" to automatically get it there. Thanks

  2. Trayze, like many, I first came across you in the redbull threestyle championships. The combination of hypnotize and shook ones part 2 was one of the sickest things ive ever seen. It made a lasting impression and I've followed you ever since. Thank god for people like you and Eskei83. You guys are pasionate about what you do, you constantly outdo yourselves. Your creativity is an inspiration to many. I sincerely mean that. Thank you for sharing the knowledge. Youre keeping real DJing alive.

    Massive respect from Sydney, Australia

  3. I watched this ting 6 months ago and I was like whuuuuut the hell just happened.. Glad to realise i've progressed a whole lot and can now watch it and understand everything that's being done! Big up Trayze.

  4. I'm honestly just trying to figure out how you effortlessly just slowed the tempo of the first track, and dropped it right on beat with that next biggie track. In my head it's just seems like you have to be focused on so much: steadily slowing the tempo, counting beats, dropping the track from deck B. And then what about the volume fader on A? Sounded like it was just gone right when it needed to be cut but I didn't necessarily notice you adjust the volume fader and your crossfaded just stayed in the middle.. Nice transition bro. Gonna have to practice that one. This might be a dumb question but I see you continuously loading that first track to deck A and B. I see a lot of DJs doing this but I never understand why.. Anyone?

  5. i still have no idea what this tehnique is, how it works or what its for. completely stumped and i can disect pretty much most table routines.

  6. Could someone with a bit of patience possibly breakdown exactly what it is that's going on here? I'm a bit retarded it would seem (doh!) ;-P
    The concept I grasp, but just can't seem to get Trayze's super slick use of it here! "( me dum-dum

  7. I saw you moving the pitch control, but after you reached the max slowdown it continued to slow down. Is that an effect on the mixer or something I haven't found in serato dj?

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