Vancouver 3D Wedding Video Service

3D Wedding Video Service

3d wedding videos
3d wedding videos

Let us film your big day with a special 360 degree 3D virtual reality camera. Wedding videos are something we have always “watched” in the past, but now with these new cameras coming out, everything has changed. We will produce a wedding video that you won’t “watch”. You will “experience” the whole big day over again.

Your guests will also be able to take the experience with them. The only requirement for experiencing the videos in 3D are a smartphone and that’s it.

Here is an example of what 3d videos look like. If you watch the video on a laptop, then your mouse will allow you to move around the 3d video. But we highly recommend you use your smart phone to watch it, then you simply have to turn your head to look around the 3d video.

This technology is brand new so there aren’t many examples of other 3d wedding video to show you. The 3d cameras can also be used to provide a LIVE 3d online event that guests who couldn’t make it to your wedding, could experience online in real time.

I realize all this sounds far fetched, so please contact us now so we can explain it better or possibly show you.

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Our 3d wedding video service isĀ available in :

  • Vancouver
  • Burnaby
  • Richmond
  • Surrey
  • Langley
  • New Westminster
  • North Vancouver
  • Abbotsford
  • Kelowna
  • Kamloops
  • and most of the interior of BC