Vancouver Adds Some Bass to Friday Nights

Vancouver Adds Some Bass to Friday Nights

genres of edm musicThere is a bar in downtown Vancouver called the Bourbon. This bar has been famous for the past decade or so for having country music on Fridays. However, this year, management has decided to go in another direction.

WTF Fridays is Born

A new team of promoters came onto the scene and have started WTF Fridays. WTF is a great event featuring all the latest bass style music from Dubstep, Drum and Bass and Breakbeats to Trap, Trip hop and Glitch.

The Bass Revolution

WTF is a great event and I highly encourage you to attend. PLUS… Yours truly will be DJing there March 24th, so make sure to clear your calendars for that night and come on down to Vancouver’s new bass night at the Bourbon. Hope to see you all there.

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