Vancouver Afterhours Gaining Traction in Popularity for Vancouverites

Vancouver’s Newest Afterhours is Gearing for a very Busy Summer

Vancouver afterhours I have been a part of establishing a much needed alternative to the Vancouver afterhours scene which is extremely stale, the kind of feedback i get from friends and patrons are very similar.

The comments usually are a variation of some common themes that come up over and over again.

Common comments we get about the Vancouver Afterhours Scene are

  • the need for a 3rd Vancouver afterhours has been long overdue
  • the type of music being played at other afterhours is geared to just one demographic which is the same demographic these clubs targetted from day one.So fast forward 20 years and neither one of Vancouver’s afterhours clubs have changed their strategy or even musical style
  • the staff at the 2 main Vancouver afterhours: Gorgomish and The Bassement, on average, are extremely rude and sometimes downright mean to certain kinds of people. It is almost like they are hiring all the unemployed school yard bullies. I have had no first hand experience with this issue, but it is more or less a comment i received from 4 men.
  • apart from dancing there are no alternative activities to do at an afterhours… while at GroundZero, there is a tickle trunk for guests to dress up in costumes and take pictures as well as plenty of nerf footballs, soccer balls and juggling balls for everyone to have fun with

Vancouver afterhours new kid on the block, Groundzero, also encourages patrons to socialize with each other . They make a point of introducing themselves to newcomers as well as making sure the newcomers are introduced to the regulars.

Who wouldnt be so very excited and honored to work with some truly amazing individuals.

Definetly looking forward to seeing how this goes all summer.

I will keep you posted on a regular basis and encourage you to come and see for yourself.

Call the GroundZero hotline at 604.655.0357 for location and for VIP/Guestlist services.

and a Congrats goes out to the team for launching their site a dj search engine…very cool

Vancouver Afterhours DJs are listed on

Searchdjs hasDo They have Dubstep djs
  • DJs available to hire.
  • Event rentals at very reasonable prices.
  • Second hand audio equipment for sale, which included turntables, mixers and more.
  • Other services for events and for djs as well

I will be on within the next couple of days. Im sure there will be other dubstep djs. also has,

  • Trap DJs and Trap like music playing djs
  • House DJs
  • Wedding DJs
  • Corporate Event DJs and private party djs
  • people offering their dj services and other event services or general labor
  • and much more

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