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Vancouver Party Listings

vancouver partiesSeems strange making a page entitled Vancouver Party Listings when Vancouver is well known for being “NO Fun City” but non the less, here we are doing it anyways. Having lived in Vancouver for some time now, I have encountered some pretty wild parties every now and then. When I say the word “party”, what I mean is a gathering of many like minded locals, coming together to celebrate something and the rule is that the gathering must not be to make a profit off of the event.

Vancouver Full Moon Beach Parties

These are perfect examples of what a party truly is. 1000s of Vancouverites gathering at a local Vancouver beach to celebrate the full moon. The organizers charge no money to attend, there are no tickets to buy, no alcohol being served. The whole purpose of the event is to bring people together in peace and love.

Sometimes I wish Vancouver had more free spirited individuals that were more interested in building a community rather then simply making money off of the people living in the city.

Vancouver Parties

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