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  1. another site that you can try is the one that I use a lot my12inch.com just register with it then don nothing till they send you an email dropping the price which will go done from $50 to $10 per month for good so give that a try, but hey not it still is good to keep another one on hand because not all pools have the same new music at the same time, I'm DJ GEE-FLEX and I'm out hope the info was helpful

  2. Ey guys! i just wanna ask, ever since i started DJING like 2 months ago, the only source i use are VIDEO TO mp3 converters, all of my files are (320kbps), my friend told me that if i play them at a festival it will sound horrible! is that true? cause i only play it at bars? will it really sound horrible once i play it with big speakers???

  3. i get my music from itunes the money is tight at times but like my man said you are investing ive been Djin for 3 years in the valley of the sun phoenix az i am also restarting it up again…and just like some one said in the comment below i have talk to this pro DJ AL3  i asked him questions and he is just an asshole he expect people to kiss his ass…it is hard for me to keep up with the new stuff i also heard off Digital Drip but not sure how it works or how to download it into my files also i am afraid if they have viresus….well much love to all you Djs out there keep doing your thing….Forget the shit talkers and haters cause in the end they will be calling us to dj one off their events.

  4. I appreciate this as i have lost all my music n im lookin to start back up again. All these insecure djs refuse to help me get started up or restarted i should say so thnx a bunch bro

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