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  1. One tip : active the master pitch, You can use the CUE to play the track And check thé beat, sampling i dont remocoment a lot of use, i prefert to play with the mix with EQ, check thé BPM, use You ears, Start using players, use fade in And fade out help a lot, make Your tracks And dont use comercial tracks And the las thing start with Techno or Deep House

  2. By ear??? What? Are you crazy? You silly fool. All the new bedroom dj's keep saying it's a useless skill and using sync is the way to go bc Craze uses it. Even though he learned to mix by ear first.

    Completely forgetting that sync doesn't always work or that if they go mix live they may have to use club equipment that's decades old & missing knobs.

  3. I figured most of the tips out from years of grindin' you covered them all in 8 min. I even learned some new ideas, such as dragging a created loop into sp6 is brilliant!!! Big Up's for helping a lot of DJ's out! Great work, keep doing you

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