5 WAYS TO GET YOUR FIRST DJ GIG! – vloglife #75- djBJoRN.com

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5 WAYS TO GET YOUR FIRST DJ GIG! – vloglife #75

5 WAYS TO GET YOUR FIRST DJ GIG! – vloglife #75is a vid to assist you as you start to learn to be a disc jockey. With ebooks, fashionable tutorials, streaming movies, on-line articles and in addition 1 on 1 non-public classes for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
5 WAYS TO GET YOUR FIRST DJ GIG! – vloglife #75

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I hope you possibly can put them to good use!
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5 WAYS TO GET YOUR FIRST DJ GIG! – vloglife #75

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  1. Thanks, got a question. If I introduce myself to clubowners/bosses etc. and tell them that I want to play there and give them a mixtape/CD… and they say: we already have our djs. How should I reply?

  2. Just a quick question: Why is it bad to create like a mix before the gig and just play it there, that way you make no mistakes?

  3. Hey Bart & Sam, love u guys so much! U r literally my favorite underground electronic dance artist and nu disco piano/deep house artist, but nonetheless, can u guys PLEASE post tracklists to your Radio Room Episodes, ALL 30, people have been asking and u guys usually respond! Thx!

  4. Thank you so much for speaking out about DJ contests. I've been saying it for years, most of them are popularity contests! It's really disheartening for DJs/producers starting out.

  5. dutchies! wat je op weg kan helpen is een poppodium in de buurt zoeken. poppodia werken veel met vrijwilligers en daar liggen kansen. Ik ben zelf ook zo begonnen met draaien voor een paar biertjes en daarna kan het balletje vanzelf gaan rollen.

  6. Hey, so im a DJ/Producer, for my first gig, would you or would you NOT recommend that I play my own music? Or just stick with whats popular? Cheers for any advice!

  7. PROOF OF CONNECTIONS: My drama teacher is good friends with DJ Vekked, one of the biggest djs in Canada. If i didn't tell her that, I would never have that connection!

  8. Luckly you got the kunstbende dj contest here, where you don't rely on followers, but rather on skill, track choice etc.

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