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djBJöRN can be found on any given night composing his unique style of EDM track mixology for all eager ears.

Unlike many of today’s EDM producers, djBJöRN never limited himself to one specific genre of music. However his unique blend of popular retro tracks (60s, 70s, 80s and 90s lyrics/vocals) masterfully weaved with catchy EDM beats, has given birth to djBJöRN’s unique, yet popular genre of music named “Retro Electro™”

His travels have allowed him to play in events ranging from small, intimate venues to parties/festivals with over 10,000 + eager EDM fans.

djBJöRN has mastered his craft in all genres that fall under the EDM umbrella. Such as :

electro, house, complextro, dubstep, trap, dnb, glitch, trip hop, hardstyle, deep house, tech house, nudisco, breaks and even rap/hip hop.

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