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Even before having finished his degree in Computer Science, Bjorn was head hunted by one of Vancouver largest corporations at the time, Intrawest. Hired as a superstar webmaster, web developer and multi media consultant, he quickly moved up the corporate ladder right after y2k.

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With his new found wealth, Bjorn’s corporate paycheques needed to be managed properly. After going through 5 financial consultants in a little over a year. Bjorn decided no one would care more about investing his money than he would.

So, with the power of the internet, Bjorn set out to learn as much as possible about the financial system and of trading markets.

Within 3 months of his studies, Bjorn became convinced that a financial collapse would be imminent and it was then and there that he decided he wanted to become an artist. He concluded that if the dollar does collapse, the arts would be one of the few areas that would always be necessary. Everything could be outsourced.

But Bjorn ran into a small problem. Sadly, Bjorn could not draw, paint, sing, write or do anything artistic at all. However, when Bjorn was around 6 years old, his mother was finding it hard to pay for a babysitter for llttle Bjorn, but found a community dance program that would end up taking care of him for more time and would cost almost half the price.

The next 4 years were a blur for Bjorn, but when it was all said and done. Bjorn had learned how to detect the rythm of any song and dance to it almost everytime.

That was when djBJoRN was born.

djBJöRN got his big break as a nightclub disc jockey back in 2005, when he was asked to perform during Vancouver’s Gay Pride Parade on the Oasis Sound Lounge float.

His performance at the parade led to his first residency at Oasis sound lounge the following 3 years. After Oasis was sold, Bjorn decided to take his show on the road. a

Instead of Oasis, every Friday night djBJoRN and his buddy djTJT would set up at of Vancouver’s main beaches, becoming English Bay’s first resident DJs. Every Friday they would rotate beaches. The main beaches they played were Sunset Beach, English Bay, The Inukshuk, Second Beach, Third Beach, Jericho Beach, Locarno Beach, Spanish Banks, Tower Beach and a couple times at Wreck Beach.

Since 2005, djBJoRN has performed his unique blend of EDM beats with classic songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s all across the world. djBJoRN has performed in Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany, Denmark, England, Italy, Spain, Israel, Liechtenstein as well as the United States and Canada.

Locally, djBJoRN has performed or has had residency at many Vancouver establishments from nightclubs, lounges and bars to restaurants, afterhours and raves. Most notably djBJoRN has played AuBar, Oasis Sound Lounge, The Astoria, Hotel Vancouver, The Vancouver Aquarium, many Vancouver Boat Cruises, the Vancouver Pride Parade, Lickerish, The Junction, Celebrities, Numbers, Pump Jacks, Shine Nightclub, Anza Club, Open Studios, Korean Community Center, Croatian Community Center, Polish Community Centre, Postal Strike on Georgia, Empire, Groundzero Afterhours, Afterlife Afterhours, Seratonin Afterhours, Hush Afterhours, Buffalo Bills, 420 Art Gallery, Occupy Wall Street, Lamplighters, 560, The Side Door, The Shark Club, The Media Club, Library Square, The Bourbon, Phoenix Festival in Hope, The Met, The Hilton Whistler, Whistler’s Mojoes, The Gondola Lift Company, Tommy Africas and the Cinnamon Bear.


Loving the atmosphere at events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, graduations and other celebration type of events, it was the obvious next step. djBJoRN started offering his DJ services to companies big and small all across the lower mainland.

In a 2 year time frame, djBJoRN had performed at countless high school proms, high school graduations, high school reunions, high school sporting events, store grand openings, fireworks boat cruises, charity fundraisers, peaceful protests.

And before you know it, djBJoRN had started another company geared more towards landing corporate disc jockey gigs. In late 2017 djBJoRN launched www.VancouverDJs.coVancouver Event DiscJockeys

After having done over a dozen high school graduations, and started being known by the students, djBJoRN was approached by 4 high school students asking if he could teach them how to DJ. With his first 4 students in tow, djBJoRN was about to start yet another phase of his long DJ career.

And like that, Vancouver DJ school “School4DJs.com” is born.



He can be found on any given night composing his unique style of EDM track mixology for all eager ears.

Unlike many of today’s EDM producers, djBJöRN never limited himself to one specific genre of music. However his unique blend of popular retro tracks (60s, 70s, 80s and 90s lyrics/vocals) masterfully weaved with catchy EDM beats, has given birth to djBJöRN’s unique, yet popular genre of music named “Retro Electro™”

His travels have allowed him to play in events ranging from small, intimate venues to parties/festivals with over 10,000 + eager EDM fans.

djBJöRN has mastered his craft in all genres that fall under the EDM umbrella. Such as :

electro, house, complextro, dubstep, trap, dnb, glitch, trip hop, hardstyle, deep house, tech house, nudisco, breaks and even rap/hip hop.

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