Superior DJ Routing: Analogue Mixers, Guitar Pedals, and Exterior Soundcards-

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Superior DJ Routing: Analogue Mixers, Guitar Pedals, and Exterior Soundcards

Superior DJ Routing: Analogue Mixers, Guitar Pedals, and Exterior Soundcardsis a tutorial video to help you as you start to discover ways to change into a DJ. With courses, tutorials, technical movies, on-line articles and in addition 1 on 1 courses for individuals residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Superior DJ Routing: Analogue Mixers, Guitar Pedals, and Exterior Soundcards

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Superior DJ Routing: Analogue Mixers, Guitar Pedals, and Exterior Soundcards

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  1. Thanks for the video Ean, do you (or anyone else reading this) have any idea whether it is possible to use analogue mixers (or even midi mixers such as DN-X1600) in external mode for traktor post fader effects? It does not seem like this is possible from what I have looked up :/

  2. guys plz helpl my face,

    I have a xone92 mixer and at the moment only my laptop with it (planning to get CDJ's very soon) , so i have a problem where after routing the laptop to the soundcard which has 1 output channel, i know i need at least 2 to mix but im using this to test the sound until i get another sound card. the one i have now is a focusrite(scarlett solo) so moving on the output from my SC goes into the line 2 channel on my xone92 which in turn is connected to the speakers ! now i have configured traktor's output to external recording and my input routing section just shows on the decks part Input 1 and 2, these are the only options besides the "not connected" one ! after all that still no signal on my monitor headphones or speakers and the LEDs show nothing ! PLEASE HELP ! stuck ! cant find solutions anywhere !

    Thanks a lot !

  3. Not worried about impedance matching etc , as you're using guitar effects pedals that are expecting instrument level signal and you're running line level signal into them?

  4. the amount of plug ins needed for a few effects is putting me off. I love the mixer but I think a DB2 may be better for me. I only use delay, reverb and filters but seems like alot of extra hassle?

  5. Are the X1's also plugged into the computer via a second usb port? I'm assuming the soundcard is occupying the first usb port?

  6. Hi,
    That´s a awesome video! Thank´s so much for that!
    I don´t have much experience in connecting things.
    I would like to connect Traktor with my Signature22 mixer (use instead of a sound card) to the zone 92
    My question: Is it possible to use my soundcraft signature 22 (with audio interface) instead of an external sound card? The mixer only have AUX outputs and don´t have chich (RCA cable) stereo outputs.
    I´ve try it already but I failed. Or maybe I did a mistake in the settings in Traktor…
    I´m thankfull for any help…

  7. Hey Ean,
    how did you connect the X1`s to give a signal on the mixer? I just got myself one and the midi works just fine but I cant figure out how to get a signal from them to my xone 43. I am using 2 CDJ 900nxs players as a soundcard and their output just works fine. Would a "real" soundcard help me fix my problem? I used to play without traktor before so I really am new to this topic. Can you help me?

  8. ive just recently bought an xone92 + 2x traktor x1's and a scarlett 18i20 interface.. having real trouble trying to get it set up up my monitors and channels, do i plug the leads from my monitor speakers into the xone or interface?

  9. have some question to anyone… wouldn´t be the same using an analog mixer with integrated soundcard? for example any allen & heath with soundcard and analog mixer (xone 43c,, PX5, 4D….), offcourse talking about sound quality… using 4 traktor channels, with high level blah blah…. i mean it always will have to go through the usb cable somehow… using external or any soundcard… obviusly the RME has an amazing quality, but, well… PRICE!…. i wanna know if its "necesary" the external soundcard to hv really good quality, talking about "afordable" soundcard… focusrite… NI audio 10….
    Anyone? thx

  10. If I use the fourth deck in Output Mic. Do you lose sound quality? Since the Mic output has only one input and not two, just like the other outputs.

  11. so lets say i have pioneer djm 2000 and boss dd7 and bos rv5… how exactly would i be able to control them using the mixer ?

  12. Hello Ean, i have a question for you.
    I have a Scarlet 6i6 soundcard connected to the xone 92 mixer.
    The problem is that the peak level leds of the channels doesnt turn on.
    I tried with a Technics Turntable and it worked, but when i plug from my soundcard it doesnt work.
    I think it sounds good, can the problem has to do with only with the peaks meters?

  13. You can have all the routing skills in the world, if you keep redlining it you will neither look nor sound pro. The talk at 11:53 about headroom and respecting your levels only make it worse. Headroom and red VUs are meant to absorb transients and warn you about them, so you can actually turn that shit down. Here all your peaks redline.

    Oh, and "mixing digitally" is different from mixing controller-style. Indeed traktor has 0 headroom, its 0dBVU equals 0dBFS. A DJM-900nxs2 is also a digital mixer, yet with 64 bits of internal processing there's no way you'll ever clip it by summing tracks together, even if it had like 20 channels, and even if you'd drop echoes and resonant filters over every single one.

  14. So what would the difference be if I got a digital DJ mixer taking audio input through usb? Because that would save money not having to get a dedicated sound card with multiple outputs.

    Would it sound bad?

  15. Thanks for the video. I'm still not clear on why you need the sound card at all. Why not just plug each device directly into the mixer?

  16. Dear DJTTI have a problem.Not so long ago, i was a Native Instruments Traktor DJ, but because of the controller i thought, that i would change course to become a Pioneer DJ. I bought the DDJ-RX controller, and use the Rekordbox DJ Ver. 4.0.0. updatet to the 4.0.6 ver.However, I love the controller, love the knobs and faders and the big jogwheel. But the Rekordbox DJ software layout is not logic og fun to Watch and Work in.My question: Is it possible, to use the Pioneer DDJ-RX with Traktor 2 pro software?I read some place at the internet, that the so called TFI FILE donsen't exist to the DDJ-RX controller only for the DDJ-SX.I really hope you can help me out.Sincerely and a true new member fan on the youtube channelKenneth from Denmark(Sorry of the spelling isn't that good)

  17. Is there a possibility to use multiple effect boxes. For example: The aira Demora and the aira Torcido via send/return?

  18. I'm using a similar set up with hardware and a Mackie mixer. I've always wondered why DJ mixers with this functionality are so much more expensive than conventional mixers, and why people prefer them.

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