Allen & Heath Xone:DB2 Evaluation-

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Allen & Heath Xone:DB2 Evaluation

Allen & Heath Xone:DB2 Evaluationis a tutorial video to help you as you discover ways to be a DJ. With ebooks, superior tutorials, streaming movies, articles and likewise 1 on 1 courses for folks residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Allen & Heath Xone:DB2 Evaluation

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The Allen & Heath Xone:DB2 may make the best coronary heart of a system designed for DJing and manufacturing, utilizing software program like Traktor Professional or Ableton Stay. Full evaluation at

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Allen & Heath Xone:DB2 Evaluation

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  1. hi can you offer me some advice? i currently have 2 denon sc2900s and a rmx80 mixer – I'm slowly building up a mobile dj set up which has been frustrating as few people seem to be up to date with equipment. I've looked at some controllers but decided maybe I'd be better off sticking with the separate units and the msi laptop i purchased for my music library. thing is after visiting a dj in a bar who is using his mobile set up there as a permanent fixture i noticed he has a allen and heath mixer which seems a lot better than the one i have ? i can't really afford a db4 mixer but i have been looking at the denon x1700 and the db2 allen and heath. do you recommend one of them or do you think my mixer is okay? I'm a little lost to be honest with all of these reviews ?

  2. i got this mixer for over a year now and i am really disappointed by it….
    first time started smelling like something is burning then i had it send back for repairs, after that i got it back and it was working for another 4 months and then i lost the output of the mixer + the channel faders are not good, if you push them up putting a bit more force on it, they will pop over and kill the sound

  3. thanks for a great review! I'm leaning toward buying this mixer as I'm looking for a versatile set up to utilise ableton, traktor and my cdjs.

  4. What is your opinion is it better than Pioneer djm 850?
    I need to make choose which one to buy.

  5. hey, I thought maybe you could help me !! I'm trying to use the db2 with traktor but not as a midi controller. I want to use the mixer as a fully functioning Mixer Euthanasie effect unit Etc. I don't need the timecode version, because I'm using a Mac, Traktor 2.9, Allen heath Db2 and 2 X1 MK 2. Please help me !!

  6. I've read a couple of reviews now where people are saying that the Db2's soundcard, while being used with traktor pro is freezing the audio from time to time. There seems to be some glitch there. .and even updating all drivers and firmware don't seem to help ..can anyone confirm this? Cause I love this mixer, but traktor needs to work flawlessly.

    I want my setup to basically have the Db2, 2x kontrol x1s and traktor on my laptop.
    So anyone using this, or a similar setup please do let me know. 

  7. Excellent Review!! I'm ordering one now. Your reviews or so clear and understood. Thank You for being so informative.

  8. Can i still use the x-link with my audio 6 ? I want both db:2 and k2 with timecode. I just want to make sure i could still use x-link with external soundcard?

  9. hi great video. i mix with traktor an time code vynil , through a djm 850 the sound quality is poor and im unhappy with that purchase. i want to continue to mix with vynil but your video states i cannot plug my sl1210's into the db2 an use time code vynil. hmmm can u suggest a good mixer for my needs. ie usb in. does using lil midi controllers mean u dont beat match just use sync button. ..?

  10. i own a djm 850 , i had a djm 800 , the sound quality on th edjm 850 is rubbish, pioneer hav gone down hill . the db2 is fantastic value for money , get teh db4 if u can u will keep it for years an wont be disapointed im disapointed with the djm850 ..

  11. Hey there 🙂 Thanks for the review! I got a question, are you able to cue the effects? Or are they behind the line faders? If I want to use the roller effect to sample a loop or something am I able to cue it before I line it in?

  12. how good is this one compared to the xone:4d, considering that the 4d is cheaper and an all in one so you don't need to buy two x1 (or k2)?
    Is the sound quality the same?

  13. The Xone DB2 is fantastic. And you can daisy chain the 2 EFX processors through Cascade mode in the new firmware now. The FX combos are pretty limitless. I love mine to bits. I sold a DJM850k for this btw and i am glad i did. 🙂

  14. hope you can do some fx reviews on the allen heath db4/2, i don't think it is covered enough by allen heath or the reviewers out there, it's a main selling point and they don't seem to advertise what these mixers can do, unlike the pioneer who get performance videos and fx demo's soon as released, i think i know their mixers inside out without owning them. i'm looking 2 buy the allen heath db4 or the djm850 with a rmx1000 for about the same price. please do a fx demo so i can make my mind up

  15. if you start using this at home, with traktor, 4 decks and what not, use the mixers soundcard etc, after some practice and when you are ready to play out you obviously are going to have to take the mixer to club right ? would that be sort of ''acceptable'' ?

  16. @DigitalDJTips hey im new in the dj world, and i would like to ask is it unusual to see djs using different brands of equipment, for example 2 cdj 100m3 and the mixer from the video, as their live gear or those dj offen use equipment from the same company ??

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