Newbie DJ: Plug Your Gear Into A Mixer-

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Newbie DJ: Plug Your Gear Into A Mixer

Newbie DJ: Plug Your Gear Into A Mixeris a vid to help as you begin to learn to be a DJ. With ebooks, superior tutorials, movies, book articles and likewise 1 on 1 classes for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Newbie DJ: Plug Your Gear Into A Mixer

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In case you are a newbie DJ and do not know a headphone socket from an quater inch jack then this video is for you. Discover out what all of the connections on the again of a mixer do from RCA to floor connections and learn the way greatest to attach your gear.

Sparx from Onerous As Nails Information takes you thru this information and do not forget to take a look at our different DJ Tutorials excellent for newbie DJs

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Newbie DJ: Plug Your Gear Into A Mixer

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  1. hey, dude! ( HOTDJGEAR) where do you get your phono cable from? I have looked in stores and online but all I can find is crappy RCA cable that doesn't fit into both of my Behringer pro mixer djx900usb and my pioneer CDJ – 1000 mk3 (the cable tips have those little wing pieces)

  2. How come the mixer wasn't wired to an amp using XLR leads? With the beginners in mind, they need to know an amp is required to make the sound come out the speakers..

  3. Could barely understand anything you said…..  I don't think you know what I need to know….. you're a neophyte.  A lot of people have CD players, few have turntables.  I needed to know which jacks I use to run my CD player through my 24 channel mixing board.  I think this is beyond you.

  4. You could get away with 1 but you'll need another music source to be able to mix, that could be a laptop or ipod but you really do need 2 to start doing things properly.

  5. what ?? each DJ has there digit IQ. If you need such explanation you better stay away from DJ gear and stick to the bar with JD.

  6. You can use your laptop as a mixer of sorts but you'll be getting bad audio coming out and you won't have anywhere near the control of a normal mixer. I'd say its a stop gap for a few days but you'll want to get a proper mixer and some speakers.

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