Best Beginner Mobile DJ Setup For Under $1500 and DJ GEAR GIVEAWAY 2016-

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  1. Harbinger speakers are basically in house brand speakers, depending on the dealer you are buying them from. I got mine thru guitar center. Of course with warranty, so can be replaced easier than with going with a named brand, ultimately the choice is a preference.
    A clean crisp sound can be doable out of most decent speakers, it all depends on how you adjust your EQ's, and the master volume on your controller. It's always good to have a subwoofer to carry the bass and let your smaller speakers carry the sound you want to achieve.

  2. I would recommend the Peavey 215D's or the 115D. Best bang for buck speaker. For stands you can get a pair of Pro X stands. They are high quality and every idjnow sell them for 50 bucks for a pair.  The mixer I would recommend the behringer 502. The rest of the list is perfect haha. I use rekordbox with the RB.

  3. I recommend that u use the lixada moving head laser lights, I have one and it works like a boss! It's the cheapest price too! They made a spider moving head! And it's very cheap! id love to see those on your channel!

  4. I'm an intermediate DJ and overall i would say you're recommendations were appropriate but some things that are not necessary are fog machines and a mixer. Also I personally think you should have mentioned a subwoofer. Otherwise nice video. You're the coolest DJ I've seen

  5. For mine I would do the JBL Eon 615s (Kit of 2 with bags, covers, and stands) , DDJ RB, 2x ADJ Monster Beam (O Clamped to stands) and a yamaha MG06

  6. i was happy u suggest the harbinger 2115's as ur speaker ive used them for alot of wedding receptions i suggest though u get them in the mixer pack on amazon 399. u get the pair of 2115 harbinger powered speaker with a 8 channel mixer not to be confused with dj deck mixer my advice for beginners if you start doing weddings them selves have long enough cable for speakers an balanced XLR cable less hum better sound. good video

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