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dj resourcesYou will find the perfect dj resources, dj tools and  dj equipment which will help you with djing events.

The last thing you want is to show up for a dj gig unprepared or even worse, without having practiced.

The 3 main components of a DJ Rig is :

  1. 2 audio sources (laptop with 2 soundcards, usb controller with 2 sources, or even 2 computers)
  2. a mixer (a way to blend the 2 audio sources)
  3. either an amplifier with speakers or powered PA speakers (your output)

Thats it ! Bare Bones DJ Resources Used For DJ Rig

Broken down, you will need an input (audio sources), a way to manipulate the input (the mixer), and a way to output your sound (PA speakers or amp)