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DDJ-SB Mixing Hip Hop Tutorial

DDJ-SB Mixing Hip Hop Tutorialis a on-line video to help you as you begin studying the right way to DJ. With ebooks, superior tutorials, on-line movies, articles and in addition 1 on 1 classes for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
DDJ-SB Mixing Hip Hop Tutorial

video description
This video will provide you with an summary of mixing Hip-Hop together with reducing and scratching.

Music Used:
Singularis – Northern Lights – Chilly Busted

Singularis – Candle Gentle – Chilly Busted

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DDJ-SB Mixing Hip Hop Tutorial

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  1. right in the beginning …..what does pressing the cue button in time with the tune and then pressing play do ? …im used to just moving platter back n forth in time

  2. don't you lose the queue when you scratch while cutting over? eg. deck 1 is playing song #1 and deck to is queued up at 15 second mark (to cut intro of song etc). when you start using deck 2 to scratch how do you keep the two songs in sync so that when you make the cut song 2 does not start too early or too late? does that make sense?

  3. Do u have speakers hooked up or are u using the laptop speakers? How do u get it to play off the laptop (haven't bought speakers yet)

  4. Great video.. Just have a question regarding scratching on XDJ1000s: Can I make that scratch noise? Because whenever I scratch it sounds digital and a bit mudded. Is there some mode I have to set it on?

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