DJ Advise, How one can assemble a heat up set in a membership, what’s a heat up set?-

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DJ Advise, How one can assemble a heat up set in a membership, what’s a heat up set?

DJ Advise, How one can assemble a heat up set in a membership, what’s a heat up set?is a tutorial video to help as you learn to grow to be a DJ. With classes, wonderful tutorials, technical movies, e book articles and in addition 1 on 1 classroom classes for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
DJ Advise, How one can assemble a heat up set in a membership, what’s a heat up set?

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DJ Advise, How one can assemble a heat up set in a membership, what’s a heat up set?

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DJ Advise, How one can assemble a heat up set in a membership, what’s a heat up set?

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  1. I love the beatboxing from ellaskins lol.

    My take on a warm up set is within a confined BPM. From 117 to 123. The first track serves as an intro, very light then slowly builds up with second track at 120 BPM. I rate each track based on energy level (low, mid, high) for a particular BPM. So if there's a banging track at 123BPM imagine how much better it will be further on with 128BPM, 136BPM, and 140 BPM.

    My theory is to mix by the key signature and do a bit of hopscotch in a way to get to the high level energy tracks (not saying that 120-122BPM don't have theirs as well) in a particular key that's different than first starting.

    Right now I would feel most comfortable just doing the warm up because I know its my job to build up the tension and the hype for the crowd to be wanting more. And so what if people are just arriving, talking, getting drinks, let them because the music is in the background till a song is played that suddenly gets people's attention. Read the crowd! Do they look bored? Play something to make sure it's interesting. Just my thoughts on my own take and style.

    I would construct a 2 hour set that takes you from 120BPM and finish at 140BPM, starting from Tech-House to Techno, Progressive House, Old School Trance, Trance, and finish with Tech-Trance. Get all sorts of styles of EDM. Of course it's not always do able to go to such lengths in genres.

  2. but how about playing for the New Year's Eve into a night club as a warm up dj?! people want to dance from the beggining!

  3. i dont know much about djing,,but these tutorial is about comman situation which can take place most of the time ,,,so be thankful for the knowledge !!!!!!

    thank you ellaskins

  4. I like him too. But this philosophy is not good for business. It is good for a DJ to walk in and not play the same song as the first DJ. As a DJ with over 11 years at the same club, I learned that the top club that prospered and succeeded was the club that gave the crowd what it desired, The HITS, all night. What I call a warm up is when I turn on all devices and PA shipment, I do not start out at 132 bpm. I start with 100 bpm at a lower volume to ease the people into the 12,000 watts of power they will be hearing for 5 hours.You have to set a pleasant drinking mode in a bar. Then when the energy rises is when you play the jams for the higher crowd. Just my opinion as a resident DJ. Peace to the readers.

  5. This is where 'DJs' know absolute shitall! The reality is, the CROWD should be the center of attention: most people pay their money, often have way too many to drink and want to hear their favourite tracks from the moment they enter the club. It doesn't matter what they want to hear: pop, trance, house, techno or whatever…I've NEVER heard anyone say they enjoy a 'warm-up' set. The other day for example I was at this trance event and they had some moron playing the most boring deep & tech-house you can – there was NO emotion, NO melody and NO vocals (which let's be honest, is what trance fans want to hear). As a result, there were near enough 1000 people standing outside and little more than 50 inside…on the other hand, an event I went to the week before, the 'warm-up' DJ played the proper anthems the very moment you entered the club. Fair enough to say, it was HEAVING! People were in there, going crazy, buying drinks…on the other hand, the club where the guy was playing the typical 'warm-up' set could probably be mistaken for an old people's home, rather than a club. 

    I mean, for most of these genres, we've had millions of releases and 20 years of classics – why start the night playing what is effectively background noise that most people are indifferent to hearing? It just boggles my mind…

  6. I always enjoy your tutorial.
    Been mixing for the past 10 yrs and i feel like a kid at school at his favourite class 😀
    Lil question, he's there a way to know exactly if a song can go in the warm-up list?
    Like, if it goes at this 100 bpm, its a warm-up song, or certain genre r definitely warm-up song ?

    Don't know if i make myself clear :/


    Keep up the good work
    From Montreal Canada

  7. so a warm up dj has to play shite records not better than the main dj.
    well the guy on your t shirt wouldn't make a good warm up dj that's fpr sure.
    and what happened to playing for the crowd.
    and just say the crowd are off there tit's ready to go.

    then dj politics kick in '' what do you do ''

    you should make a video about that


  8. I play longer sets, like 8hours+. I Start with oldskool trance, thru acid trance (cca 145bpm), to slow acid techno(cca 150bpm) to Cluster records at 155BPM, than go to 1st ten Subsounds @ 160bpm…whats next? Than I somehow improvise with faster acid/tribe till I get to DSP @ almost 180 BPM, thats like 2-3morning and bass needs to be big :D… than I switch to Spiral tribe @ 180bpm and when thats done and the sun is almost going up, I switch to hard stuff to kill the party so I can go sleep 🙂 Some records I never play on daylight, ever!!! 😀

  9. Our opinion is… if you tend to always start out mellow and work your way up — then some crowds are smart to this and will not show up to the club til later. You can always play some top songs in the opening set and again in the main set. What say you?

  10. Another tip would be to mess around with keys. I took your advice and played a set at work. My boss said in order to start building the mood for a main set usually we can start introducing songs with an uplifting feel and in MINOR key (one in order of the circle of fifth or the Camelot wheel), continue a few songs in that same key to set the tone and then carry on from there.

  11. reudce the chechat to the point…a lot of talking..sorry man im getting bored listening and plz thnkz…

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