DJ Cotts – How to Recording DJ Sets (Pocket Recorders Tascam DR-05 & Sony PCM-M10)-

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DJ Cotts – How to Recording DJ Sets (Pocket Recorders Tascam DR-05 & Sony PCM-M10)

DJ Cotts – How to Recording DJ Sets (Pocket Recorders Tascam DR-05 & Sony PCM-M10)is a tutorial video to enable you as you begin to learn the way to DJ. With classes, comeplete tutorials, streaming movies, e-book articles and in addition 1 on 1 non-public classes for individuals residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
DJ Cotts – How to Recording DJ Sets (Pocket Recorders Tascam DR-05 & Sony PCM-M10)

video description
This video discusses recording DJ units from a DJ mixer utilizing a handheld pocket recorder. Primarily be careful for ‘sizzling indicators’ from DJ Mixers and guarantee your pocket recorder can deal with the loud sign 🙂

Tascam DS-05
Sony PCM-M10

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DJ Cotts – How to Recording DJ Sets (Pocket Recorders Tascam DR-05 & Sony PCM-M10)

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  1. ok, so I have adjusted all my levels, yet, the recorded sound is VERY tinny, there is no distortion, just a weird tinny overtone. Do I need to convert Tascam input into an audio line input somehow (no Idea if that is even possible). I was told about RCA splitters that creates two separate mono channels which balances out the intensity of signals from my MASTER OUT of DJM 450. I have no record out…

  2. a mixer with session out like the rane 68 will allow you to control the recording level.Im not sure about pioneer but this is why when i chose a new mixer a while ago the seesion out knob was a useful function

  3. As noted by many readers before, you are missing some essential functions of the dr-05 which make it utter impossible to f*ck up a overdriven recording… I quote:
    " One new feature that makes the DR-05 easy to operate is the new Peak Reduction feature. This setting automatically sets your recording level by listening to the input and adjusting for the best level. Unlike Auto Gain settings, this one only goes down to prevent accidental distortion after a period of low level like a break. Peak Recording works in rehearsal mode or in record, so if the performance is louder than the soundcheck you're still safe. Used with the built-in limiter, it's unlikely you'll distort your career-making live recording."
    Knowing this, why not just remove this video?

  4. here some advice, did you adjust the in line volume on the recorder. i have that recorder and it works wonders. you need to adjust your in-line volume if you are having trouble recording at live/home sets.

  5. First, you need to check witch audio outputs using "for" line out! Second, you NEED to set manually to "0" dB. Me and my friends using this model for years in different mixers, only problem is wrong set on recorder or mixer. Lot of mixers have potentiometer/volume for "line out". In your case you did not show us in witch output you plugged recorder and you not set recorder itself!

  6. Este se hace llamar DJ y ni la menor idea tiene al menos que lea el manual de la tascam y vea el item de ajuste de niveles se largan a hacer videos y ni la menor idea tienen maravilloso mundo de youtube casi se asemeja con el mundo exterior ;=)

  7. The Trick with this recorder is that it doesnt like nothing above 0db at the channels ( master doesnt matter cuz master like is totally different than recording line ).. so, basically in your video you are pushing the channels up to 3 bars above the 0db line, thats why it clips, if you pull down your gain knob and dont allow your tracks to go above 0db (oranges) then you will be perfect with the Tascam (or any other recorder), you can clip with the master that as long as you dont clip the channels the recordings will be with great sound (master signal will be a mess if you clip a lot but at least not the record signal), if you add some attenuators you can have a little more room for not clipping in case that at some point the channel goes above 0db.

    So basically this product WORKS, as long as you know how to use it right and know how dj mixers work.

  8. My solution was to plug the Tascam in to the main out and turn the volume on the mixer down and the volume of your speakers up

  9. just turn down the input level…..microtack II, is the best…..although battery life sucks……wish they would remake the microtack with removable batteries…:(

  10. I've made many recordings of my mixes on the DR-05. You have to adjust the input level on the recorder. I was surprised that you didn't mention that in your example.

  11. Just a small thing. Regardless of the fact this a Pioneer mixer and they are very susceptible to distortion when redlining the preamp signal, look at the line level, they are of the scale. They should only just be hit the first orange, on peaks.

  12. Traktor or rekordbox DJ or Ableton is better for recording Live sets but dont use audio interface of your pc or laptop. rca to 1/4 is still lesser sound quality than recording via usb. USB is almost XLR quality and XLR quality is best for audio

  13. I think you'd be fine if you adjust either your mixer levels or the levels of the device. My buddy used that same Tascam for recording our mixes and it worked beautifully; even when we did end up accidentally peaking (both on the mixer and the recorder showing the peak LED), it has yet to record a distorted mix. I'd check the settings on the Tascam.

  14. I got clipping problems with my Zoom H1, just picked up a 5$ headphone volume control cable (simply a cable with a physical volume button) to lower the output volume from the mixer and it works fine. Try searching for the Koss vc-20.

  15. No SIR !!! – Tascam DR-05 is the BEST recorder I have tested. I even have some other more expensive, like Tascam DR-60DMkII, M-Audio professional Microtrack II, and many others. For the price, you have the best sound and parameters. Indeed, you can plug a line signal to MIC inputs, you only need to adjust the correct levels. It doesn´t clip, BTW, besides manual gain, it has a limiter to avoid any kinds of clipping. I´ve tested with some of the noisiest environments, and no problem at all. Read the manual…it has many parameters, it´s not a zoom.

  16. This guy don't know how this equipment function! Master level do not affect on rec out!!!
    And your channel on the mixer is already peaking! Is this how you mix music? And you expect from TASCAM to clean it for you?! Mate read the instructions firs!!!

  17. I am a gamer, can I use this for communication as I am gaming? I have audio jacks, and USB jacks in my PC. I dont want to record, I just want to stream it through the internet.

  18. Dude learn how to use the device before you review it…i have recorded hundreds of live shows, podcast, interviews, dj sets, musical instruction and other types of sound on this device…this device is simply awesome…if you take your time and just learn how to use it…you would be blown away…the only addition i made to a live show or a dj set recording session was a very inexpensive volume controller sold on amazon or ebay…the type used to moderate base sound in car audio…

    you need to make sure the DR 05 sound recording level is set from 55 to 61 and you will get amazing clear sound….

  19. Hey Cotts, so I watched your video after buying one of these to record my live sets. My home setup is a djm 850 and when I plugged in the DR-50 I realized that it was redlining recording. So then I realized that I had RCA->3.5 and the unit was set to mono recording wise since all club setups are mono anyway. Long story short, unplugging the right channel while the signal is mono into the Tascam gives me about -6db headroom. Not sure how your mixer (mine is set to mono on master) is setup or how you had the tascam plugged in, but wanted to drop you this line.

  20. When I heard $300-$400 I almost fell out of my seat. Just for a good recording device. Thank you I have been looking for something like this for months. Keep up the good work. ?

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