DJ Shortee – “Specialize In Music” Beatjuggle Routine 2001-

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DJ Shortee – “Specialize In Music” Beatjuggle Routine 2001

DJ Shortee – “Specialize In Music” Beatjuggle Routine 2001is a tutorial video to allow you to as you begin studying how you can turn into a DJ. With classes, superb tutorials, on-line movies, on-line articles and in addition 1 on 1 classes for folks residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
DJ Shortee – “Specialize In Music” Beatjuggle Routine 2001

video description
Turntablist beat juggle routine carried out by Shortee in 2001 utilizing 4 completely different songs, somewhat than 2 or the identical document. This routine is featured on “Shortee’s DJ 101” Educational DVD out there on

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DJ Shortee – “Specialize In Music” Beatjuggle Routine 2001

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  1. This is awesome, I enjoyed every second of this video. Much respect to DJ Shortee, I watched "Scratch" last night and had to peep her out.

  2. ahhaha I just got one of those mixers (Stanton SK-6) like 2 nights ago from a friend 😀 looks nice, havent got time to test it properly yet.

  3. i respect gals who can actually dj as opposed to those who just play off the novelty of being a woman in a man-dominated craft

  4. whats the name of the tune she plays at the end thought it was gangstarr dwyck but it aint any clues please unless its a remix but i dont know

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