DJ Tips how to promote your mobile dj business-

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DJ Tips how to promote your mobile dj enterprise

DJ Tips how to promote your mobile dj enterpriseis a streaming video to assist as you be taught how to DJ. With lessons, widespread tutorials, technical movies, articles and likewise 1 on 1 classroom classes for individuals residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
DJ Tips how to promote your mobile dj enterprise

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DJ Mobile Tips on how to promote your mobile dj enterprise with low value adverts or advertisment. utilizing enterprise playing cards and coupons to assist promote your enterprise. for $20.00 or much less you possibly can promote your self and your enterprise. this video explains a number of the explanation why it is best to use of enterprise playing cards. a easy postcard turns into a coupon to assist give incentive for doing enterprise with your mobile dj enterprise.set your self aside from the opposite dj’s in your space with the usage of enterprise playing cards and buyer incentives. this video additionally explains why it is best to have a couple of enterprise card. weddings are a speciality enterprise so it is best to have a particular enterprise card only for potential purchasers on this area of the mobile dj enterprise. you additionally be taught how you should purchase enterprise playing cards and posters with a web based service firm named vista print.

***this video is for the sharing of knowledge solely and never to be used or misconstrued as authorized recommendation by finish viewer in any means, form or type.

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DJ Tips how to promote your mobile dj enterprise

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  1. I would also ad to do a craigslist ad. that is free and I have gotten a few gigs from people checking craigslist. Also I have a banner displayed when I do weddings. So everyone at the wedding reception will see your business name and it helps cover up the cords and all the crap under the table as well. I got a car magnet and business cards. Also I bought a little enclosed trailer and I'm getting ready to get letters and a picture put on each side.

  2. i just noticed this video was made in 2011, its now 2014. i think they have stopped giving the free 250 cards. but now charges $10

  3. For those that want to spend some money on your card and have your own designs check out gotprint dot net. 5000 full color front for $48.50 and $51.30 for full color both sides. My advise buy in bulk when you buy. If you only have a few hundred you are more likely not to just leave them every were. with 5000 I drop them every were and give a few to each person so they can pass them along as well.

  4. I was advised, and agree…. I use my real name on the card. when you meet people your a real person, so use your real name. I have my DJ name as well on the card, but I only use that when I'm on the mic.

  5. I used that same stock design for my DJ business. I think lots of DJs that use vista print like that design. I have seen it several times with other DJs. Vista print is great!!

  6. Great tips 5element: this is a great way to get started on a budget. I too did the discount cards on postcard. Once you get a few gigs and save some money it's wise to invest on quality and unique business cards.

  7. very helpful!
    but I have 2 questions:
    Should I put my real name on it aswell?
    should I put the Genres I play (like DnB, Dubstep & House DJ) on it or just Party&Club DJ?
    peace B 🙂

  8. @MSDJALC I reloaded this video because of personal time constraints. Happy DJ 101 did not survive the chopping block when the decision had to be made on which channel to keep and which to let go. So there is only one video left to be uploaded to Happy DJ 101 and then no more until I can find more time to be able to do both. Thanks for watching and your question:)

  9. Nice video!
    I was at DJ Expo this week and saw someone and thought it was you! But it wasn't 🙁
    Maybe next year?
    Why did you re-upload?

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