DJ TLM – These Are The breaks pt.1-

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DJ TLM – These Are The breaks pt.1

DJ TLM – These Are The breaks pt.1is a short video to help as you learn how to become a DJ. With ebooks, comeplete tutorials, technical videos, ebook articles and also 1 on 1 lessons for people living in or near Vancouver British Columbia
DJ TLM – These Are The breaks pt.1

video description
These Are The Breaks. Oldschool break beats. Original breaks.

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Average white band – Stop the rain
The headhunters – God make me funky
The honey drippers – Impeach the president
Cold blood – Kissing my love
Maceo & the macks – Cross the tracks
The jackson five – It’s great to be here
Funkadelic – You’ll like it too
James brown – Funky president
The emotions – Blind alley
Lynn collins – We want to party, party, party
K.c & the sunshine band – I get lifted
Freedom – Get up and dance

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DJ TLM – These Are The breaks pt.1

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  1. If this is legit….SHM,Dennis Ferrer and Quinten Harris should bow down to you. No one does this anymore…And he's got a laptop there so…not old school.,Oh,,, and all with no head phones??…Shit…I never saw work like this even back in the day when you HAD to do it this way.(oh, and no laptop)……….. Impressive, but, I'm not buyin all that way fancy finger knob workin' bidness. Loose the laptop, break out the milk-crates, and then let's see what's up.


  2. Check the rest of his vids if you want to see some serious blending. This dude has the best blending skills I've ever heard. Download old school anthems vol. 5 and listen to the way old school hip hop is supposed to be played. TLM niggas,fuck what ya heard!

  3. @DjmitchG Thanks. The purpose of this little set was to play some classic breaks. So after i played the break of the song i want to go straight to the next one like i would do if this was a live event for some b-boys. If the purpose was to make a nice mixtape i would play the tracks longer and then blend each song. Just to correct you:i'm not "just scratching". I'm backspinning every break and i do some cutting, i blend in two transitions and the rest are clean switches on the 1.

  4. @eadefeo Serato Scratch Live does NOT sync the tracks!

    @premier I placed a cue point at the beginning of each song. In Serato i activated the function that let's you trigger the cue point by dropping the needle on the first section of the vinyl. This means that can go straight to the beginning of a song without using headphones. I can also see the position of the song on my laptop.

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