Dj Tutorial. The right way to combine ,chop old-fashioned tunes-

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  1. I mix a lot of these types of tunes, and it's great to gain knowledge on how to effectively mix these challenging tunes. I also often use loop phrasing of vocal parts to guarantee precise timing and then fade in the other track. Can also work nicely. Thanks for the video!

  2. Excuse me, ellaskins? Do you have an email address I can reach you at to ask you a few questions? It would be much appreciated.

  3. That is definitely NOT the way to mix Old School. I'm an Old School DJ and can tell you what you are doing is nothing less than a mess. Sorry money but I sure hope no one is taking notes cause this is just an obliteration of true OS mixing. Timing, slip cueing and pitching… and those are just the basics. Synchronizing then fading into the mix is how it's done.

  4. Good advice on phrasing and the "perils" of "old" tunes. Great example of how phrasing may not pan out for a novice and tunes starting on 3's and 4's! Look me up if you are here.

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