DJ’ing for Freshmen, part 3 of 4 – with DJ Bolivia-

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DJ’ing for Freshmen, part 3 of 4 – with DJ Bolivia

DJ’ing for Freshmen, part 3 of 4 – with DJ Boliviais a streaming video to enable you as you start to discover ways to DJ. With ebooks, wonderful tutorials, movies, on-line articles and likewise 1 on 1 classes for folks residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
DJ’ing for Freshmen, part 3 of 4 – with DJ Bolivia

video description
That is the third part of a four-part collection (which additionally has greater than a dozen different movies to enhance it) which is designed to offer newbie DJ’s an outline of the business. On this part, I discuss music programming, set stream, mixing types, beat-mixing (bars and beats and phrasing), mixing in key, DJ software program, Ableton Reside, and far more.

Here is the hyperlink to the weblog publish which describes this specific video throughout the DJ’ing for Freshmen collection. Extra importantly, for cell customers, it additionally consists of hyperlinks to all the opposite movies that I discussed:

Listed below are hyperlinks to all the opposite movies talked about on this part…

Beat-Mixing on CD Gamers:

Pattern DJ set on CD’s (SHG 150) from the DJ’s CUE perspective:

Pattern DJ set on CD’s (SHG 156) from the DJ’s CUE perspective:

Beat-Mixing on Vinyl:

Pattern DJ set on Vinyl (SHG 160) from the DJ’s CUE perspective:

Pattern DJ set on Ableton (SHG 155) from the Viewers Audio perspective:

Pattern DJ set on Ableton (SHG 155) from the DJ’s CUE perspective:

Warping tracks in Ableton:

Making a studio DJ combine utilizing Ableton:

Mastering & Advertising and marketing your DJ combine:

First video within the “Reside DJ Performances with Ableton” collection:

If you would like to simply take heed to or obtain the audio transcript of this video, as an mp3 from Soundcloud, here is the hyperlink:

Sadly, as of early 2014, YouTube annotations will not be seen to cell viewers, solely to customers watching on desktop browsers. I take advantage of annotations fairly steadily to publish clarifications and extra info throughout the video. For one of the best academic expertise, you may want to observe this video in a desktop browser moderately than on cell, except YouTube ultimately fixes the cell annotation deficiency.

When you just like the sound of any of the tracks performed throughout the breaks between sections, I’ve bought all of them obtainable as free downloads. Go to SoundCloud and do a search for: “dj bolivia world underground”

On a facet be aware, I get lots of requests from individuals who need me to overview their DJ mixes. Sadly, I’m extraordinarily busy. I am already turning down paid tasks, and I haven’t got time to overview mixes. I want it was in any other case.

Observe Jonathan Clark (DJ Bolivia) on different websites:

For an entire organized index checklist of music-related movies by DJ Bolivia right here on YouTube, go to this hyperlink:

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DJ’ing for Freshmen, part 3 of 4 – with DJ Bolivia

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  1. Just got my first real gig with an event agency, for this saturday. The problem is, when they were asking me for my rate I had no idea what to say. Any suggestions for a beginner dj to ask for?

  2. Question. I just bought a Gemini cdmp 7000 and I'm trying to look for maybe some software that can work with what I bought or using CDs or usb. Please help me out.

  3. u did very good job Dj Bolivia….great one buddy. I like to see and learn how to become a dj through ur all videos. I wish I will be a good dj very soon. Thanks u very much…:)

  4. Thank you for sharing your knowledge,very much appreciated,i will have to check out your videos on Ableton also, as i'm trying to get know Push and live 9 suite at the moment aswell, all the best to you from Scotland !

  5. many thanks for these videos! they are so helpful..

    I have a question about the music selection and djs

    I can attest to what you said about opening. basically i played a party where the guy opening for me played the intense electro house and trap

    the crowd went nuts and when i went on people were tired and left

    I spin mostly techno, house, and tech house.. I also love the weird trippy stuff you mentioned, like the stuff green velvet plays in his electric playground podcast.

    what should do when playing with a electro house/ trap guy like this? I took most of the deep house out of my set to play energetic techno (opened with dj boris- engage)… break out some dnb?

    please give me a tip or two to prepare for the next one

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