EXPLAINING.. “DJ TUTORIAL PART three” – Mr. Belt & Wezol- djBJoRN.com

Learn How To DJ

EXPLAINING.. “DJ TUTORIAL PART three” – Mr. Belt & Wezol

EXPLAINING.. “DJ TUTORIAL PART three” – Mr. Belt & Wezolis a tutorial video to help as you start to discover ways to DJ. With classes, comeplete tutorials, on-line movies, articles and in addition 1 on 1 courses for folks residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
EXPLAINING.. “DJ TUTORIAL PART three” – Mr. Belt & Wezol

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Find out how to successfully have an effect on results?
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EXPLAINING.. “DJ TUTORIAL PART three” – Mr. Belt & Wezol

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  1. How about a sound design tutorial-ish video. I know you don't like tutorials very much but i don't know how to make a good bass sound ??

  2. Hey Bart & Sam, does it make a difference in terms of how well I would learn if I start with a simple DJ Mixer or a Pioneer one? I mean, skill-wise, not cost-wise?

  3. I have a question: I have now the DDJ-RB and I don't have played on a professional dj set.. (like the one in this video) If I'm gonna play a gig.. Do I have to pratice on this set or nah? thanks!

  4. You also can reduce bass a little bit when using echo on the build up, and put the bass in the middle just before the drop , that make it more powerfull for the crowd 😉

  5. Too bad i cant pay for the stuff you guys have. My little controller doesnt even have a quarter of these effects ;(

  6. Like if you want to see the other effects in a tutorial as well! And if you have any other ideas, please comment and let us know 🙂

  7. Any advice for someone who wants to start producing music? Like what software & stuff would people recommend? Any help would be much appreciated ?

  8. Aww I was hoping for you to showcase ALL effects and show what they do lol 😛
    what was the effect you used in the end? It sounded like a combined version of echo and pan 😮

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