Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook Live Streaming

facebook livemap streamingI have been streaming on Facebook Live recently and stumbled onto something that not too many people seem to know about. I stumbled onto this as I was streaming, more and more people started showing up watching the feed. This made me wonder where they came from, since Facebook says they are “informing my friends” that my feed is live. So, as I start streaming I have 5 or 6 friends watching. Now as it gets to about 5 minutes into my live stream, the number of viewers starts dancing all over the place.

What did I find on Facebook Live

So I searched and searched for  info on FaceBook live and eventually, once I sat at my laptop I found http://facebook.com/livemap

You can only access it on a laptop. Doesn’t work on phones or tablets for some reason. It’s a world map, like google maps, except you can see EVERY camera streaming on FaceBook live!!! In other words you are watching every single mobile phone that is publicly broadcasting on Facebook live. It’s insane how many strange people are out there. HIGHLY entertaining… i recommend it for a good laugh.

I was doing research into FaceBook Live to see if it would be a needed option when offering DJ services. WHat do you guys think? Comment below if you believe people would want to stream their events on FaceBook Live.

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