Finding the key of your tracks using KeyFinder-

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Finding the key of your tracks using KeyFinder

Finding the key of your tracks using KeyFinderis a brief video to assist as you begin studying learn how to grow to be a DJ. With ebooks, well-liked tutorials, streaming movies, on-line articles and likewise 1 on 1 classes for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Finding the key of your tracks using KeyFinder

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Right here is how one can key your tracks so the key exhibits in the “key” column in Scratch Reside.

This system, KeyFinder, is free to obtain.

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Finding the key of your tracks using KeyFinder

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  1. this is fuckin useless program that can easily destroy your harmonic mixes … Deal is it can detect the right key 50/50 . thanks for spending my time

  2. OMG, I copied the preferences that you have and the keyfinder founds the EXACT key and it's not bullshit, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  3. Once you rescan all your tracks, what happens if say you add two new tracks to Serato, do you have to rescan all tracks for the keys to show for the two new ones added?

  4. so theres no support for windows users, well BIG FAIL…. if you have the money to buy a mac im sure they got tha money to buy the mix in key program, or im i wrong? any way i hope them mac users donate cause it seems to be a good software u got goin on there…. peace love music…..

  5. Hi! Todd, I had dragged and dropped fifteen songs from Serato Dj library, however, I noticed that all of the songs have the same keys 11A. Is that a coincidence that all of the songs have the same keys? Some of the songs are slow and fast.

  6. but plz can you say about how to save the list in folder after done ?? cuz i couldnt find where i have to save the list??

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