Gemini Slate 2 Serato DJ Controller-

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Gemini Slate 2 Serato DJ Controller

Gemini Slate 2 Serato DJ Controlleris a brief video to assist you begin studying how one can change into a DJ. With classes, in style tutorials, movies, articles and likewise 1 on 1 non-public classes for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Gemini Slate 2 Serato DJ Controller

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For Gemini’s Slate 2 Serato DJ Controller, we focus on the gear’s strengths and limitations. Glorious for newbie and journey DJs, the Slate 2 supplies responsive jogwheels, key lock, eight sizzling cue pads with handbook/auto loop, and slicer operate, however downsides akin to small pitch faders exist. With each normal and stunning options for the price vary, the Gemini Slate 2 capabilities as a fantastic worth controller for these on a price range or in search of portability. To totally make the most of the controller, improve the bundled Serato DJ Intro to the complete model. For extra data, have a look by way of our article overview.

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Gemini Slate 2 Serato DJ Controller

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  1. Was horrible on all my laptops witch were late 2009 Core2Duo MacBook Pro, I5 Lenovo Thinkpad T420, I5 Hp Elitebook 8540w and I7 Hp Elitebook 8540p. Cue audio was too low, frequent dropouts, auto loop would activate by itself, Sync button activated when I hit cue, Right platter going numb, Left Platter moves super slow, returned it 3 times to guitar center each had some of the issues listed. I just used the store credit and got a used Pioneer DDJ-SB instead for like 150$.

  2. hi there is any one knows why i cant use my manual , auto , sampler, roll, hotr loop,silcer ,bank ?? i can only use the first option hot cue ???

  3. thinking of buying for my teen. He is into making his own music. Can he use this to record music for himself too?

  4. How is the finish on the top of the jogwheels?
    is it glossy? Matte? Ruberized/grippy?
    also how big are they?
    And last…how is the crossfader? smooth? loose? tight?


  5. I just bought one of these and every time I connect it Serato says it failed to connect to audio. Please help ASAP!!!

  6. i want to become a dj for my school parties am 16 i need a dj controller and i saw that this controller is awesome does it know a software

  7. I got one of those controllers, was using it for other purposes though, now i downloaded the basic version of serato, in wich i can only see one deck! in all videos and pix etc. i have seen you can choose between 2 & 4 decks. at the moment I only have one which makes the entire program useless, where's the problem?

  8. i also have a gemini slate 2 but with a pair of 502 tannoy speakers. im having a difficult time trouble shooting… i have a pc with windows 8.1 i downloaded the drivers and did everything i was supposed to but every time i play music theres static. could it be the RCA chord or something else going on? PLEASE help thank you

  9. I have a nummark party mix, but I like to get a better controller, and I am wondering in the "DDJ-SB" comes with its own software???

  10. At 3:15 you are explaining that you are doing the looping but underneath the track keeps playing. So when you are done with looping and scratching, it continues on where underneath track is playing. So in essence you are scratching and looping current signal. How do you call this method? I'd like to learn doing it, don't have a dj controller yet, any advice what to look for in tutorial videos on youtube?

  11. Wanna buy a controller but i dont no which one , the Gemini Slate 2 or the Numark mixtrack 3 (not Pro) or the Hercules dj control air+ s . Maybe someone can help me ? ^^

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