GroundZero is no more

Vancouver Afterhours Club, GroundZero had to shut its doors for good.

vancouver afterhours clubVancouver’s newest afterhours club, Sadly, we had to shut it doors for good on Friday. After much though, we decided to shut the afterhours down as none of the 3 partners had time to invest in this business venture 2 days every single weekend.

My partners have a similar work ethic as I do and if you look at my commitments… I am currently :

  • head programmer currently working on the DateSuite online dating application and database.
  • head project ,manager working on a mobile marketing campaign with 2 new co workers
  • full time CEO of imVancouver – Vancouver’s TOP Internet Marketing Firm since 1998
  • part time DJ instructor currently with 3 DJ students
  • owner/programmer/developer/tester/marketer for well over 200 seperate sites ranging from online dating, to wedding dj search engines, to a blog listings of the top djs in the world.
  • freelance DJ for weddings, corporate events, high school dances, proms and grads.

And on TOP of all those, I was spending 2 full days a week running GroundZero where people barely showed up. We thought Vancouver was well over due for another Afterhours being added to the list. I thought this, since I personally love to dance…but now when i go to places like the basement or Gorgo mish… I am angry! They play the lamest, boringest, unimaginative music found anywhere and there is no alternative.

HOWEVER…. I personally, solo, spoke to the GroundZero venue owner and am in the process of making a deal to throw 1 big event a month, where everything is done more like artists… the events will have themes and guests must dress up. I believe the first on will be June 9th to go hand and hand with the Vancouver Full Moon Beach Party, but i am not 100% certain yet.

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