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Hercules Universal DJ Tutorial

Hercules Universal DJ Tutorialis a video to make it easier to start to discover ways to DJ. With lessons, in style tutorials, movies, on-line articles and likewise 1 on 1 periods for individuals residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Hercules Universal DJ Tutorial

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Hercules Universal DJ Tutorial

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  1. I bought a Hercules universal dj just recently . And when I am transferring from one track to the other the bass will kind of cut out . Is there a setting to change that so I can have even bass throughout ?

  2. I bought one, and I'm so disappointed… First I indtalled the drivers, then the Djuced, but It doesn't found the controller. I reinstalled it at least 5 times, but nothing. Then I tried with the virtual dj which found the contoller, (If I start a track on deck A with my mouse, and I stop it, the play button is "flashing", but non of the buttons works. I can see the volume led pumping on the deck too,) but I can controll nothing. Please help me! What did I do wrong?

  3. its a great starter i started with one once you get the hang of it you will realise the potential it has i personally loved mine i use it now days to practice sets i put together when travelling

  4. i jus got one with DJUCD40. the pitch is very bad wen connected to the labtop. IT DOUBLES THE VOCALS WEN PITCHED OR BPM IS INCREASED. Please some help will b great. otherwise for me for now it sucks

  5. hello sir i will ask how can adjust master volume of djuced 40 using that controller (hercules universal dj)? please help me

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