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  1. My first gig came about by having a friend that was working as a promoter. They were looking for an opener for a show and he reached out to me. Looking back, it all comes down to just being involved by showing up at local shows and treating people with respect.

  2. You seem to have the most amazing life, even while not being a huge famous DJ. It inspires me to persist with music because it shows that even if you're not Djing to thousands in Ibiza you can still have an amazing life

  3. Yeah it's very hard these days, but you are promoting yourself right now with Youtube.
    That's one of the ways to get attentions and get bookings, you're promoting yourself really well!

  4. My first gig was when I was 12 or something.
    It was funny we had like these big party's at school twice a year and after the dj course at school they said you had a chance to play at one of them but the organisators were like no we don't want those kids to play at the party's so I got mad and they let me play and everybody was like whoaaa and now I'm DJing the full 3 hours twice a year all by myself(this year the 3th/4th year already I think) and it's kinda cool. hopefully they'll let me play at the party for the older ones too this year 😀

  5. Well, I also have a bit interesting story about my very first gig. I moved to a new town and my new house was still in decoration mode so I brought with me only a laptop and controller. First thing I noticed was local Caffe bar and they were playing Martin Garrix and that kind of music. I went there and asked barmen for the boss number. A few days later he called me and invited me to bar. I was paid 70€ per night and I'm working there only for summer season because the town is by the sea so… The rest of the year is empty. It's not a bunch of money, but I can spare for the season up to 2000€.

  6. i`m a Dj and producer for about 3 years . i had more than 15 "bookings" in my local city but none of them was paid . I produce music also and had invested about 4000 $ or more in my equipment but still never got a cent from my productions .
    no mater if you are good/talented producer or a Dj , the market is over saturated nowadays and if u don`t have good management and sponsors it doesn`t matter , u will find only struggle and despair , and it will be very late when you realize this.

  7. how to get gig is actually very depending on your current location and country..

    in germany generally its actually very hard to get gigs in the cities. But outside of that mostly you just have to somehow convince the club managers that you're good (use communication, or connection etc), because most of the locals dont have that much DJs.

  8. PS your city, seems pretty relaxed on the party/Rave scene. Here in the UK, the Conservative Government has used new Laws to stop, the free party movement, & new Bills in Gov.. Also closing down clubs, To stop people dancing to "repetitive beats, as they call it".
    Though my fav grimy gritty, Underground House/Techno In an old bank vault night is back in mid-september…

  9. I once played a whole night for free Redbulls and they refused to give me even one because we didnt have a signed agreement. Only in Poland xD

  10. bro that mayweather fight was the fight of the decade man xD.. that guy was basically not a boxer, he was just an really athletic and wanted to do boxing just because he always wanted to and made it this far to fight with Mcgregor (who is a current champion boxer) That explains the hype haha

  11. I want to know what actually happened in the church… Drugs? Murder? Sex den? ROFL the ending… should had carried on drinking!

  12. Hi Jonathan please reply to this question
    i wanna start producing music , (i have already started making some rap/trap very basic beats)
    but the problem is i don't know where to start or what to do, please help me
    Thank You!

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