How To be a DJ: How to Hook Up A powered speaker to a controller-

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  1. David, Thank you for your question. What powered speakers are you using? It looks like RCA connectors would go into the NS6 into the Master. I'd have to see the back of your powered speakers to see what connectors you'd need. It could be RCA to XLR or RCA to 1/4 inch. For example I use a RCA to XLR cord to hook up to my MixDeck. To explain further its a cord with an XLR connector on one end and a RCA connector on the other. Also, they also sell 1/4 inch adapters for RCA connectors. I pretty much carry a bunch of RCAs, XLRs, 1/4 cables and 1/4 inch adaptors with me at all times because they are all used with most DJ equip. Plus most of them are interchangeable. Hope this helps? If you send me the speakers you're using I'll google images of them so I can check out what you need. Thanks for watching! I'll try to cover more on cables and connectors coming up. 

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