How To DJ – Beat Matching (Vinyl DJing EP04)-

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  1. After never trying to learn to beat match properly on vinyl and being able to do properly on CDJs for years, this video was rad – I was doing after about 10mins.
    Technique-wise – to answer some of the criticisms – you must find yourself. It has nothing to do with this basic tutorial.
    This is just to get you a started and is excellent!

  2. using two of the same record is probs the worste idea. then all your doing is looking at the pitch control and matching it and using some sliding to get on. you should allways go for a two diff tricks witha relative bpm

  3. Thank you explaining how to match, and putting the basics down. I've been on 1200s for 14 years and had pt2000s before and all of the equipment I've learned on. I could use belt drive Newmarks I used to have and dj'ed great… What I'm trying to say is you need to KNOW YOUR RECORDS… Fundamental note for beginners… I now have cd decks and it seems too easy… So I'm glad you told it like it is… Thanks for the great vid. Lol girls get naked…

  4. i learned to mix on old direct drive geminis so when i went to technics i was like a dj god lol the geminis you allways had to touch the platter even in mid mix so in a way they did help me… lets face it if anyone cant master a set of CDJs after a few weeks they should not become a dj.

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