How to DJ – Ep. 1 (4/5) – Sarah Main – Entering The Scene-

Learn How To DJ

How to DJ – Ep. 1 (4/5) – Sarah Main – Entering The Scene

How to DJ – Ep. 1 (4/5) – Sarah Main – Entering The Sceneis a on-line video to enable you to as you start to learn the way to be a disc jockey. With classes, comeplete tutorials, technical movies, articles and in addition 1 on 1 classes for individuals dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
How to DJ – Ep. 1 (4/5) – Sarah Main – Entering The Scene

video description
Tune into the penultimate a part of Episode 1 as Pachas first girl Sarah Main dispenses but extra useful recommendation on How to DJ. Right here Sarah seems at establishing a set and file codecs, and demonstrates how to use the cross fader and up faders to combine two tracks.

Sarah additionally exhibits how to use acquire trim (which is usually set at 0dB, or 12 o clock) and every channels VU meter so as to hold tracks at comparable quantity ranges for a easy combine. Sarah moreover illustrates how one can manipulate a mixers EQ controls, which on the DJM-400 permit full management over low, medium or excessive frequencies.

How to DJ is produced by and Ministry of Sound TV and options Sarah Main (Episode 1), Phil Ok (Episode 2) and James Zabiela (Episode three).

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How to DJ – Ep. 1 (4/5) – Sarah Main – Entering The Scene

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  1. Although she is a good DJ and great teacher, something she did not mention or even do herself is watch the VU meter levels. KEEP THEM OUT OF THE RED!!!

  2. Your tutorials are pretty good but on part 1 and 2 made it seem like you were doin a tutorial exclusively on your hardware

  3. @ffqkzfs yes I agree can't even believe it most of the music pro guys hiding the best software from the public. Listen you can make some damn insane beats with this software. Its finally been released to the public. have a look here >>

  4. these tutorials are pretty good but when youre mixing you should never have two basses over each other and she has the volume red

  5. does one song come out of one headphone and the other song come out the other one? if not how do you chose which song comes out of the headphones?

  6. After 7 months of waiting and a whole lot of patience, still no tracklist. We now know the first song is Dan Tait – Justified. It's the next one with the guitar solo that i would like to know, obviously by Dan Tait also. Any help please?

  7. I understand that sometimes you get screwed on prices depending on where you live, but even in Europe, it shouldn't be that bad. Do alot of research online, and the big music retail chains in your country. I'm sure you can shave a few hundred Euros off that. 🙂

  8. Kinda funny you say that, because this is the gear I started with. I'm a working college student, and it took me little over half a year to save up for everything. I fudged around in Virtual DJ for half a year as well before I felt like I started hitting a wall, and I really knew I wanted to pick up DJing, so I knew what I was getting into, and I knew it was an investment.

    Also, I paid the equivalent of 1200 Euros in USD, since I shopped around online and locally for the best deals.

  9. tell me about it, mind you if you are going to start, the 400 package is a good start point. for me i run cdj-800's and a behringer ddm4000 mixer, but still cost me 2600 CDN

  10. The first half of the mix is Justified by Dan Tait, the second half is definitely NOT Mopti (Original mix) by Eric Borgo. A little help please from DJdownload guys?! Loads of thanks!!!

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