How to DJ : Forward Scratch Turntable Lesson-

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  1. @wow:

    1) You can set the sharpness of the fader somewhere on mixers. The sharper you set it, the less you have to move the knob to hear it at the volume setting you have on the channel you're scratching. Where it's at might change, but they all should have one. For scratching you set it the sharpest.
    2) I use a Rane mixer & a Rane battle mixer. Preference has to do, but you have more fader space on normal mixers (which I prefer).
    3) Doesn't matter either way, it's preference. I keep it normal.

  2. do you have to open corssfader to the oposite position for scratching.I mean,that you have to go longer way to cut sample.Second question.
    Will scratch be as good from non scratch mixer as from scratch mixer?Third question.
    Sometimes you can switch channels on crossfader so yuor left channel will be on right side.Does it help?

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