How to DJ : Using a Mixer with Turntables-

How to DJ : Using a Mixer with Turntables

How to DJ : Using a Mixer with Turntablesis a brief video to help you start to find out how to turn into a disc jockey. With classes, tutorials, streaming movies, e book articles and likewise 1 on 1 periods for folks residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
How to DJ : Using a Mixer with Turntables

video description
Use a mixer with low, mid and excessive capabilities, that may curve the cross fader when scratching on turntables. Find out how with ideas from our skilled disc jockey on this free DJ video music lesson.

Knowledgeable: Corey Black
Bio: Corey Black aka the Turntabalist has been working as a DJ for over 15 years. He first grew to become involved in being a DJ at a native household gathering and his curiosity simply grew from there.
Filmmaker: Antar Hanif

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How to DJ : Using a Mixer with Turntables

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