How to DJ with a Laptop in 5 MINUTES + GIVEAWAY-

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  1. Good video, when I first went from cd's to laptop I started with PCDJ no controller needed. That worked for a little, then I went to Serato, now I'm using Rekordbox DJ. I like having the controller better. I like having a play button than F1 and F6 for play. New DJ's do what you want,but a controller is easy to get. Get a used or a older model even the Numark controller for under $100 and save up to get a new or the controller you really want. Or wait till Christmas and have everyone go in on a controller. And buy your own music, don't steal. Sound quality matters.

  2. Ok when DJing is such easy than give me the details of the club who really need a DJ I will be there ….. I m a DJ from India and I wish to play in some international stage than help me

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