Tips on how to “Drop-Combine” like Hardwell, Garrix, and many others. (EASY)-

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  1. Notice "drop-mix" is in quotations in the title. I know that's not the real term for it, but many people call it that. Since the tutorial is intended to be for people with little to no DJing experience they're more than likely going to search "How to drop-mix" not something technical.

  2. Well, hardwell does not mix in Key and laidback luke said that mixing in key could only be useful in radio shows, "when you're in the building, u dont need keys, u need energy" – Laidback Luke

  3. Use the Gain when you’re doing long transitioning. It works miracles when it’s used in small amounts. And make sure you switch the bass on that 8 beat, and as your second song gets higher towards the drop you keep lowering your first song and completely end it when your second song drops

  4. Too many hating on this guy because he's using vdj with a numark mixtrack. I started with technics 1210s 20yrs agoand there were no gimmicks back then. I don't see the need for fancy programmes and expensivesry ups. It's just oneupmanship and pretentious bollocks from alot of you commenting on here.

  5. Sorry, but a real DJ NEVER uses the sync button. In this situation beatmatching isn't even neccessary. Also the Mixtrack is fine, it's virtual DJ that's the issue. Use a reliable software like Serato or Traktor. IMO you can't really learn to beatmatch with digital format, since the software allows you to cheat. The best DJ's can beatmatch on vinyl. Dude, instead of wasting time making useless videos, maybe you should practice. Master the craft before you try and teach. This only adds to the misconception that DJ's aren't musicians.

  6. Lil tip. Bars a bar. Depends how you subdivide the music for you. As long as you understand the actual meter you'll be able to to the multiplication/ divide

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