How To Mix Harmonically on Pioneer CDJs-

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How To Mix Harmonically on Pioneer CDJs

How To Mix Harmonically on Pioneer CDJsis a video to help as you begin to learn to develop into a DJ. With courses, superior tutorials, movies, on-line articles and likewise 1 on 1 courses for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
How To Mix Harmonically on Pioneer CDJs

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Chris Brackley shares a couple of suggestions on utilizing CDJs whereas attempting to do a combination that stays harmonically suitable. Learn extra right here:

Tvardovsky – Colors (Unique Mix) [Lowbit Records]

(Used with label permission)

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How To Mix Harmonically on Pioneer CDJs

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  1. i start to use rekorbox and all my keys shows like 1m 2m 3m and 1d 2d 3d could you tell me how to change to rekorbox show in Keys section with A and B just like the software mixed in keys does?¿

  2. Ok, so if I understand correctly, for the camelot keys to be visible on the CDJ you need to manually replace the rekordbox key with the camelot key for every track inside rekordbox? 

  3. Regarding Rekorbox i cant for my life understand why Pioneer has given us the feature to analyze in CAMELOT 1A-12A, 1B – 12B, so much simpler if you understand the system. But nothing beats the ears, so dont disregard to use them ;D

  4. Would this work on the cdj 2000s mk1. I have them and i have no problem getting the key on but i cannot see the green light to signify that it will mix in key.

  5. I wrote the Open Key into my comments. Is there any way to Display them on the CDJs ?

    I've never tried to do this because I use traktor and "exported" the Library into recordbox (better tagging and sorting [personal Tags,colors]) and now i want to find out how to use CDJs with my way.

  6. I kind of expected a run down of how the pitch fader affects the key of the tune.. so if you're in Dminor I know there is some kind of math to figuring out how much you need to pitch the tune up in order for it to play closer to Gminor for a harmonic mix

  7. @MartinFowler u mean which ones are compatible? Mixed in key is great, it basically has 1-12 and they go in order. Just look up a mixed in key YouTube video

  8. is their anyway to find comparable songs using serato? i can obviously find the exact same key but when searching through large track lists as a beginner i could use help with what else is comparable.

  9. thanks for posting this! i've been using MIK for years now, but know many other DJ's who do not even know about it or why they should use it. They have amazing tracks & can beatmatch great, but don't seem to grasp the concept of clashing keys during transitions, and how you can build a journey with your sets by using certain formulas regarding changing keys song to song. Here's the best explanation for mixing in key formula's I've come across (using the camelot system)

    rules for MAJOR (example: 7B):

    1 key down: -1 (6B)
    same key: 0 (7B)
    1 key up: +1 (8B)
    major to minor: A (7A)

    related key: +1 / A (8A)
    absolute major/minor switch: -3 / A (4A)
    energy boost (1 semitone): +7 (2B)
    energy boost (2 semitones): +2 (9B)
    dissonant (major third): +4 (11B)

    rules for MINOR (example: 5A):

    1 key down: -1 (4A)
    same key: 0 (5A)
    1 key up: +1 (6A)
    minor to major: B (5B)

    related key: -1 / B (4B)
    absolute minor/major switch: +3 / B (8B)
    energy boost (1 semitone): +7 (12A)
    energy boost (2 semitones): +2 (7A)
    dissonant (minor third): -3 (2A)

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