How To Skratch for Learners: “DIY SKRATCHING” vol1 DJ Qbert-

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How To Skratch for Learners: “DIY SKRATCHING” vol1 DJ Qbert

How To Skratch for Learners: “DIY SKRATCHING” vol1 DJ Qbertis a on-line video to help you begin studying tips on how to turn into a disc jockey. With lessons, superior tutorials, on-line movies, articles and in addition 1 on 1 classes for individuals residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
How To Skratch for Learners: “DIY SKRATCHING” vol1 DJ Qbert

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Thud Rumble DVD Educational video for rookies.
“DJ QBert’s Full Do-It Your self Skratching”
Vol. 1. Order at
For the superior skratchers, get the “Scratchlopedia” DVD

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How To Skratch for Learners: “DIY SKRATCHING” vol1 DJ Qbert

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  1. ive let my setup cathc dust…after i hit some bumps along the way i kinda stopped, but my main issue was where to get vinyl, do u know any good websited?

  2. @Zkrudriverz i'm a righty, I find it more comfortable to use the fader with my right hand, but it essentially comes down to preference.
    Being ambidextrous is obviously the ideal way to be for scratching.

  3. funny how im watching this on youtube and just realized that i had this dvd years ago…..thats what happens when you become an emt and stop djing and start again….scratching is way more fun than saving lives lol

  4. Scratchlopedia Breaktannica… My Man!!!! Finally got onto the interweb to see some more your shit..

    Watup from MC Q the Kurst One.. Aotearoa, New Zealand..

  5. no you can watch the platter and the mixer and …nothing from that side of the mixer. So He must have done it some other way

  6. i would say cdjs are more for electronic music and long mixes rather than scratching.if u wana scratch get tables and vinyl. if your gona do clubs/raves get serato. and if u get serato it doesnt really matter if u use cdjs or turntables..theyre just your hardware, its all commin from the pc anyways

  7. actually i think think scratching on a cdj is hard because its less visual and you cant really watch what ure doing thats why i scratch vinyl

  8. The best one i think is Serato, just to solve the CDJ / Turntable debate.

    but in the end, it is the audience who wil decide on this one, whether u scratch anywhere even on your head, and tyhey dance to it, everythings ok 🙂

  9. actually, i appreciate qbert vids and all, but , you must have those kind of eqpt. i use my cdj for scratching, any vid on that one? i know turntables is cool and old school but we have to accept new tech too. flame away

  10. Google search for "scratch records", and click the 2nd link. It's a store of vinyls that let you hear the demo, basically they have all the scratch sounds too. Prob is you gotta hunt for a clear sound one, all of Qbert's are low quality, but almost all new vinyls from other ones are good quality. Or if you want the sound with wav (highest quality) google for "Serato Scratch Sentence" and it'll come up somewhere.

  11. Think about what I said then have a look over a few pages. Maybe Youtube is just as stupid as you are since these messages don't appear directly under the post you replied to at times.

    If you did "do" school then maybe you would have realised I was replying to hockeyrook19's question instead of looking like an ass.

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