iTunes & Traktor – Music Library Management & Workflow for DJs-

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iTunes & Traktor – Music Library Management & Workflow for DJs

iTunes & Traktor – Music Library Management & Workflow for DJsis a vid to enable you begin to discover ways to DJ. With lessons, superior tutorials, on-line movies, e-book articles and likewise 1 on 1 classroom classes for individuals dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
iTunes & Traktor – Music Library Management & Workflow for DJs

video description
A tutorial on music library administration for DJs utilizing Apple’s iTunes and Native Devices’ Traktor Professional DJ software program. This video explains a easy however highly effective system for managing music by way of Sensible Playlists and making use of and looking meta knowledge in your tracks.

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Fred V & Grafix – Forest Fires (Etherwood Remix)

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iTunes & Traktor – Music Library Management & Workflow for DJs

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  1. Hello Jay, I have all this while been
    1) purchasing songs on iTunes
    2) then copying (by dragging) that song into a different folders on my mac desktop
    3) and then dragging the songs from this folder into the same named folders which i manually created into traktor.  …….Is that a problem?

  2. if every DJ watched your video before they ever started creating music libraries it would save everyone HOURS upon HOURS of classifying our entire library after the fact.

  3. Hi mate , I have a problem whit Rating in Traktor using iTunes managment, when I am doing rating in iTunes is not visible on my traktor playlist from iTunes library . Any idea why and how to fix this ?

  4. Great video thank you! I wanted to ask if you remember all your tracks in your head or you'r just picking songs by scale or stars without knowing exactly?

  5. How might you move your Traktor key tags into iTunes? No key field exists in iTunes but I would use maybe a Sort Show field to store the info. I attempted to drag a group of songs in a key to iTunes and then label the sort field, but it caused duplicate songs. Any ideas?

  6. Thanks for the video.
    I have a question though, when a load a track into a deck it says unknown format. How do a convert the format so my itunes-library becomes playable in traktor? 🙂

  7. Main issue I have with only using iTunes playlists in Traktor is Cruise (Autoplay) cannot be enabled, in case you really need a bathroom break.
    Still, if you use iTunes… rather than typing into the search bar, I recommend creating smart playlists based off of your genre playlists, for 'groover', etc.

  8. I'm JUST getting started in the world of mixing, and this video just changed the way I was going to approach my music library COMPLETELY. I didn't own any 'music for mixing' until last week, so as my brand new music library grows. This methodology is going to be very easy and very very useful to apply. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this and give us new dj's a way to focus on playing good music instead of wrestling with an unorganized library. Respect awarded, my friend.

  9. did you use cue points? did you keep playing from the itunes directory in the browther or did you import to collection or playlists in traktor? looking to have a good system between itunes->traktor->rekordbox (or rekordbox->traktor). did you use rekordbuddy? thanks

  10. I am having problems playing my tracks from iTunes in Traktor. This happened as soon as I updated to the newest iTunes. I do have Apple Music. I still have older songs which I didn't get from Apple Music in my playlist and it still won't play the old tracks I had before I started with Apple Music. Do you know how or why this is happening? I didn't have this issue before. I would appreciate any help you can offer.

  11. question? when importing from iTunes to your collection does this duplicate the track? meaning you have one in your iTunes folder and the other in your traktor collection?

  12. Thanks Jay, organising of itunes has alway been an abstract concept for me you have really put some clarity into it for me!
    Do you know if i can use this same system with serato?

  13. hey there,nice lesson!!   really good info!how about the first initial part?before going into iTunes, where do you download your files to?what folder? how to set up the original folders on the computer?and how is it broken down?or is it just one massive music folder?please!

  14. Excellent video! THANK YOU for your insight! I have two quick questions…
    1) I can seem to locate my playlists/music folders under iTunes in Traktor so I'm forced to Load directly from designated storage folders on my HD.
    2) How can I program my interface to make the Key visible on the main screen/Deck with the rest of info about the track (BPM, Remaining Time, Truck Name, Artist, Album Art etc.)
    Thank you for your time!

  15. I magnifico the tutorial, a question, how to make the key out of traks color you? which program you use, I would be helpful, thank you very much in advance

  16. Do you have any plans to do a RekordBox video update? I'd be interested to see your workflow now that you have moved to RB.

  17. Great video thanks I finally understand smart playlists thanks to you!
    Question: Do you have to retag all your star ratings in traktor? For me if I have 3 stars on a track in itunes when I import into traktor it shows no stars?

  18. I wonder if NI will ever sort out the 'Bat Crazy' Release date field in the browser? Yeh Traktor picks up the release date from the itunes xml file or from the mp3 tag eg… 23/4/2014 it then reverses it and wipes out the day and the month and creates 2014/1/1…. which is useless as every track in 2014 is shown as being released ON THE SAME FREAKING DAY…. this is driving me nuts, as a dj i want to see my old tracks from my new ones… another NI F Up!

  19. Thank you Jay for this video. It's a great Help.

    I wonder what is the meaning of Roller in English? Or maybe a synonym?

    An other question i'm asking myself: Is there a way to "Add" a comment (tag) on a Itunes track, or should we always Actualise all the comment? (In the case you select many tracks for example).

  20. Thanks for all of the positive comments and smart questions. I'm glad this video has helped a few people. I wanted to mention that, as of late, I've been playing with the new RekordBox 4.0 release on a Pioneer DDJ-SZ controller. At first, I was hoping to use the SZ with Traktor, but the mappings just aren't really up to par, and Traktor Scratch DVS doesn't work either. I was very disappointed, but after evaluating both Serato and RekordBox, I decided that RB4 would suit my needs. On top of that, this classification system and workflow I've used for years made transitioning to RekordBox pretty painless.

    So I'm still happy to answer Traktor questions where I can, but this Traktor user is now a RekordBox user. Anyone want to buy my S4 MK2? 😉

  21. Great video Jay! Just got my Kontrol Z2, this is what i was looking for! Amazing vocabulary and explanation as well, top notch!, One ? this means everything is imported to itunes first? What order do you use , MIK, itunes , traktor? 

  22. Hey you mentioned traktor searches the whole collection is a bug – it's by design. If you just want to search a single folder try tab on the left of the keyboard. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  23. hey mate, thank you for your video, I found it very useful. Could you please explain more the terms liquid and trance?

  24. Many thanks for the great tutorial Jay. I have organised my music in the way that you have described and I wanted to ask a question. How to I organise ordered playlists for different events? For example, I am DJing a wedding and I want to map out the mix from start to finish, but I don't understand how I can do that in tracktor, given the way my music is organised. Does that make sense? Thanks

  25. Hey Jay, Great video on organising music mate.

    I use Traktor pro 2 with S4 for the moment , with mixed in key. My issue with adpoting your system is lets say i have 20 smart playlists. do i have to delete and re-add them each time in traktor , when i make changes to smart playlist ? (As traktor Collection doesnt update on -fly, as i understand )

    The reason i want to do this is so i can sort by keys in key text column, derived from Mixed-In Key (which appear in itunes metadata , but wont appear in Traktor , till imported to collections – as i understand ?

    Please help .

  26. Jay. Fantastic! This is just what I've been looking for. I'm going to get stuck in tonight and replicate your methods shown here. I specifically love the tick system for retiring old tracks.

    I do have a question, Beatport Pro. I have countless tracks that I've been using in my sets for years and I think I might be able to replicate your system via Beatport Pro (mainly the comments and tagging, keys, tempo etc). Do you use Beatport Pro at all, if not what are you doing to add all of the deep metadata to your tracks?

  27. Great video, thanks very much ! I used to create my playlist on itunes and using them directly into traktor until my laptop crashed in a party because of the fact traktor have to analyse each track when we use the itunes system and the CPU works a lot.. Is there a way to analyse all the tracks of your 'TRAKTOR' folder once and for all, the same way we do outside 'Itunes' in the regular traktor files system ? Thanks in advance

  28. Great video! A couple of questions:
    1) Where do you keep your files on your computer when you import them?
    2) What do you do with .wav files?
    3) What is your process of importing a song onto your computer?

  29. Hey buddy, great video. Thanks. So in traktor, I import my iTunes playlist (smart or regular) by right clicking 'import to collection', now when I add new tracks to my iTunes playlist I manually add news ones to collection right? Is there a way to automate it?

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