Study to DJ #11: Audio Interfaces & Sound Playing cards-

Study to DJ #11: Audio Interfaces & Sound Playing cards

Study to DJ #11: Audio Interfaces & Sound Playing cardsis a vid to assist as you discover ways to DJ. With ebooks, standard tutorials, streaming movies, articles and likewise 1 on 1 lessons for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Study to DJ #11: Audio Interfaces & Sound Playing cards

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Study to DJ #11: Audio Interfaces & Sound Playing cards

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  1. hey guys just a question; Do i really need to buy the expensive traktor soundcards (such as the A10) in order to let my cdj's work with the software or are there anny alternatives. i looked on the world wide web, but could not get a propper answer

  2. hi,

    i use ddj sx and there is no problem while i use laptop for playing a music, but when i use my PC there is no sound output, and the master level is off, do you know the problem ? or is it my default pc sound card ? because in the sound properties on the " recording tab" supposedly microphone is set as a default, but in my pc it explained "not plugged in", i put the link to describe that, pardon for my english. thanks

    for information i use windows 7

  3. I have a studio standard mic with the Rode Microphone and I wish to use that as my mic as my main mic for when i dj and do interviews but i can't seem to get sound to work real time as i speak, it only records it and i have to play it back how can i fix it?

  4. 1. Seven and a half minutes and you are repeating the same thing again and again.
    2. If the instruction manual, which you repeatedly refer to, was clear then we wouldn't be here watching this video in the first place.
    3. Instead of repeating "Why" we need the audio interface it would help if you actually showed "How" to do it.

  5. why i cannot connect my controler in a virtual software ?error soundcard directx..i already set it up but still not working.reintal same probllem..any  situation like this?advice pls thnks

  6. am sorry but u can use one headphone jack out to run two channels basicly u run in mono and u used vdj / traktor and split the single on the programs left channel on the headphone jack deck a right channel on the headphone jack deck b u have t use a external mixer to do this and use a mixer to monitor and u do need a few adapters to do this aka single rca to 2 rca's two of those into a rca to 3.5mm jack adapter and ur left with 2 red rca's and 2 white rca's aka left and right channel and run it in mono 🙂 but sound card do sound better I do this with a single headphone out usb sound card so no feedback from laptop 🙂

  7. My problem I am having is I'm using Virtual Dj and I am getting my sound to come out of my speakers and the other song playing on my head phones but when I want to transition to the other song it doesn't play it? How do I get it to transition to the next song smoothly without having to switch which sound comes out of main speakers or headphones help plz!!!!!

  8. I would of thought that due to laptop soundcard naff quality that using the laptops multiple ins and outs like a person said in one of your posts wouldnt be good enough for serious work and the person would need a dac so that the usb digital sound would be processed by the external sound cards better qualiy dac and give you better sound quality to the mixer …. i currently run a laptop into a mixer without an audio interface as i just send Karaoke audio into the mixer from the lappy and my sm 58 mics plug into my mixer . I dont think the quality is brilliant but i think and hope that if i buy an audio usb interface that the sound quality will be studio quality .. please give me feedback because i want to know if the latter is true about quality that i will notice over a standard laptop built in soundcard

  9. I just wanna say thank you so much for this tutorial series!
    I am a newbie. I bought the Edison Professional DJ Britelite 2500 which includes the Edison Scratch 2500 DJ Controller. I plan on using the Virtual DJ software as I'm able to pay a monthly subscription to access their music database. 1) Is this compatible with Virtual DJ and 2) if it isn't then which other software (low cost) can I get with a low mthly music database subscription? I am primarily into Latin music for Salsa dancing.

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