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  1. Hello i have one question.. nice video btw

    Where do i plug my rca cables? i don't get it i was searching on youtube and web, and i don't find such a thing. I got like 2 small speakers and one big for my computer, and i don't find any plug ins that are red and white, the only one i find is one the big speaker, there is a LEFT plug and a RIGHT plug, but they aren't red and white… please help and thanks

  2. another great guy on youtube to learn stuff from is "ellaskins". He's got a bit of a different approach to his videos, but I don't like them any less than Phills. In fact, you should team up! 😀

  3. im a upcoming dj' ive played in a couple of clubs but im still praticing everyday, the dj's ive played with and that i asked questions where all cocky and didnt want to share anny info, and good youtube tutorials on dj's arent easy to find, u manage to solve that problem for me thanks sir

  4. In other words, TRS cables with two black rings on the metal part of the plug will be either balanced mono, or unbalanced stereo, while the ones with one black ring will be unbalanced mono?

    Just making sure I understand.

  5. Well, the problem are not Volts, the problem are Ampers. If you otuch a cable that carries 10000V but only carries them with 0.000000001A, there is no problem. But touching a cable with 1V and 100A, you will hurt yourself.

    The usb cable can also carry a high amount of power, USB3: 5V 20A.

    I hope this helps you.

  6. hi, i have a sony home entertainment amp and i lost the cables to it when i was moving house. and there £30 for the set… which i dont really want to be paying for crappy cables so i have some nice thick cables but i dont have any idea which is – and + is there any way i can use a multimeter and find out which is which?

  7. Even though I know pretty much all of what you've covered so far, I'm enjoying this series a lot! Great source of geeky entertainment. Keep up the good work 🙂

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