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Learn To DJ #three: How To Get Started (Virtually) For Free

Learn To DJ #three: How To Get Started (Virtually) For Freeis a streaming video to help you as you discover ways to be a DJ. With ebooks, comeplete tutorials, technical movies, e-book articles and likewise 1 on 1 classes for individuals dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Learn To DJ #three: How To Get Started (Virtually) For Free

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This video is a part of the course supplies for our Learn To DJ e mail course. The course is delivered in 50 weekly components, and you may join it totally free proper now at

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Learn To DJ #three: How To Get Started (Virtually) For Free

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  1. Been using soundcloud for a while but not with the directed propose of putting together a djset.  It doesnt look like many people are giving their tunes away for free though.. maybe that bubble burst?  

  2. Just so your viewers know, if they have an issue with drop out in sound or other latency issues while using a windows machine. the easiest way to fix that is to start task manager in scroll down to explore.exe on the task tab, and tell it to end process tree. then restart explore.exe, and it will allow the machine to run with the bare essentials, the VDJPro or Serato will run smoothly without latency issues.  Also they can download latency checker that will show them if their machine will have issues while spinning.  I use this configuration on my $400 compaq precassrio with VDJPro7 and two Pioneer 850's with the auto config turned off in VDJPro7 with no issues.  Without it set up this way, I have all kinds of drops out to the point it crashes.  Really enjoy your weekly news letters and articles on your site, and these videos you post up.  Keep up the awesome work. 

  3. I have, but really it has too much information I can't understand. If possible I'd like your personal recommendation on a controller. Knowing what you know now about controllers, let's say you have nothing but 500e to spend on one controller to begin your DJ career fresh, which controller(s) would you be looking at? Thanks in advance! Even if you can narrow it down to 2 or 3 I'll be able to read reviews on them on your site. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  4. Hi Phil! Congratulations and thanks for making such a comprehensive guide available to everyone.

    I have a question though, which I can't seem to find a solid answer for on your site or Youtube channel. Choosing my first controller. I want something that will last me a year+, won't break on me, and has great sound. I'm in the region of 500 euro.

    The Kontrol S2 appeals to me, but I've never used one – or any controller! Your advice on choosing my first controller would be so so appreciated. Ty

  5. I remember going into Hard To Find Records in Birmingham every Saturday morning and spending £30 or more a time for my vinyl. Was a great time, but things are much more efficient now with S/Cloud etc (not to mention cheaper). those 1210s took me back Phil 🙂 Great series of videos.

  6. He is completly true ….. now people they didnt got enough money for the MK2 For 1500$ each .
    Maybe there are poor people they will be much more talented future dj`s than others before
    Totally agree

  7. Ive been DJing the for about 15 years. Just starting using the Laptop for about 2years now. I bought the wrong mixer (Numark Stealth Control). Its really not professional. Your videos just blew my mind when you explained how to dj with just the keyboard, which i would be comfortable doing so. Also your advise about using Sound Cloud is genius. And the headphone splitter trick you. Thanks you very much from Los Angeles, California. I will be applying your advise soon.

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