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Learn to DJ #31: How Well Should You Plan Your DJ Units?

Learn to DJ #31: How Well Should You Plan Your DJ Units?is a on-line video to enable you to as you learn the way to be a DJ. With ebooks, well-liked tutorials, streaming movies, on-line articles and likewise 1 on 1 periods for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Learn to DJ #31: How Well Should You Plan Your DJ Units?

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Learn to DJ #31: How Well Should You Plan Your DJ Units?

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  1. If we keep making mini mixes we'll eventually find tracks that link just enough mini mixes to have a 2 hour set, that's what I've discovered too and that's the best advice I know of to prepare a set.

  2. Hey Phil, I have been DJing for about a year now (so quite new still), I have had some small gigs in a couple of bars and an open decks kind of night at a local club but I have a rave type house party going on soon playing alongside some very experienced DJs. My set during the night will be perhaps an hour long or 90 mins ish I assume.

    At the moment I don't feel I have the on the fly DJin quite down yet, I have just started to experiment with mini-mixes to help me do this. Question is, since I am new should I plan my set as best I can and be prepared to deviate or just stick to the set?

  3. I agree – I actually have a small notebook with songs that mix well with…   I make most of the songs that start the mini-mix the dance floor favorites. That way when one those songs fill the floor I know where to go next. I may even have two or three option songs to go to. Those options being a different genre, increased BPM or same artist (for example). Most of these mini-mixes are 3 songs each. I have several 80s mini-mixes, 90s mini-mixes, current mini-mixes, even oldies mini-mixes. This has taken years to accumulate but I'm always revising the mixes when new tunes come on the scene.

  4. Hooray! Someone acknowledges the power of mini mixes! I discovered these mini mixes by rehearsing the recorded sets I make for Mixcloud.

  5. As I use this technique i can very well recommend making situation and genre based playlists (e.g. classic House for warm-up, a Dubstep set, the momentary bangers from the charts etc.) that I use as my basic way that I go trough and pick from during the night. I change these Playlists a lot: every time I add new music to my DJ collection that goes into appropriate lists, after every night I recap which songs worked which way, and change them around or delete them from these lists.

  6. LOL OMG!! This is THE BEST! I can relate! I thought I was the ONLY one who made a complete list of every track with every cue point that I was going to play hahaha. Except instead of a piece of paper I typed the list up in Microsoft Word lol. For years I've been ashamed of using my keyboard as a controller and being over-meticulous with my mixes and you're 100% right about those disadvantages and now I can take my hobby to the next level. I love these videos!! I've learned so much!

  7. great advice and ideas. My method when it comes to the "minimix" idea, what I do nowdays is every time I add a new track to my library and get to know it, know your tracks. What I like to do is have a go at mixing around with it until i find 1 or 2 songs that mix well with it. This way, if you have a great enough of a memory, for every track in your library you have a mix idea preplanned that youv'e come up with.

  8. i just did my first gig last week at a bbq party with a group of friends, i have to say i'm guilty of what you just mentioned Phil. The EXTREME organizer haha, my OC attitude got the best of me. Great video Phil!

  9. Great advice. I'm learning How to Dj, and organization is key. I haven't did my first gig yet, but I'm concern someone is going to request something I don't have, is it best to announce I don't take request?

  10. Since i've been DJ'ing digital (serato) i try not to bring too much music. Sure, it's easy to bring 400Gb of music, but that doesn't work for me. It makes it harder to browse through so much music. It's better to organise your files and make folders. You will need to experiment to find out what way of sorting your folders works best for you. Either by genre, or "warmup", "hits", "new stuff", etc. Phil, as usual, you make some valid points my man. Teach the people! 🙂

  11. I've been DJ'ing for 20 years now and in that time i have prepared only 10 or 15 sets. In 90% of those sets it was for one of my youtube sets or routines. Most of the times my sets were completely freestyle and i like it like that. It gives me the chance to go with my feeling and adapt quickly to any situation. What i always did (with vinyl) was to make sure i knew exactly what was in my crates. So it was freestyle, but in my head it felt quite organised 😉

  12. Personally i've divided my music collection in folders based on genre (Deep House, Tech House etc) and every genre folder in subfolders of year -> month so that i don't have to prepare the set from my house.I also keep seperate folders of the "bombs" of every genre that will make the crowd go crazy.So far this classification system has never proved me wrong and i propose it to others.

  13. Ya know all your info helps.I started last year with the NS6 numarks 4 channel mixer and I hit everything head on even gigs because how user friendly these controllers are.but now that I'm gettin more gigs this info helps more . So thank you and keep it comin

  14. i have another question 😀 ones i was playing at a school gig and i was asked by one of the people to play a song. i didn't play the song straight away but i played it later. the person who asked got a bit angry, because i didn't play it straight away. do you think it was my fault or what.

    just another fact, i was playing a house track, when he asked me to play a dub step song, i wanted to wait till the bpm was a bit lower.

  15. Best explanation on set management on YouTube. Thxs so much. It really helps me considering I over analysis my music. Lol

  16. Amazing video 🙂
    But one tip: Look a little bit more into the camera, and not to your screen. That makes it way more personal. For the rest, I love the video. Keep it up!

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